Best Rolling Stones Album?

I had to listen to Let it Bleed and Beggars Banquet to be certain, but LiB wins it for me. I really want the rest of It’s Only Rock 'n Roll to be as good as the title song, but it just isn’t.

Let it Bleed wins by a nose over Beggars Banquet.

My favorite wasn’t among the choices, either…the live “Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out”.

It’s a real toss-up for me between Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main Street. I chose Sticky Fingers because it got me into the Stones straight away, whereas it took me a while to fully appreciate Exile. I’d place Let It Bleed very closely behind, then Beggar’s Banquet, then Aftermath.

Well, I wasn’t going to vote at all, since I consider the whole run from Aftermath through Exile to be perfect tens and it’s silly to choose from among them. But Satanic always has been a particular favorite of mine, and I can’t stand seeing it limp away with only a single vote. It’s a hugely underrated album, mainly, I think, because it doesn’t meet the preconceptions of what a Stones record should be. It’s certainly their least “Stonesy” album. If the same release had been made by some unknown band, it wouldn’t have sold like a Stones album, but I’m sure it would have ended up a cult favorite, heralded as a masterpiece of the psychedelic period.

Another Stones album that I like a lot - and, so far, hasn’t had a single vote - is It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll. Mick Taylor, a very under-rated guitarist IMO, plays some mighty fine guitar, and it includes some their best songs, like Time Wait For No-One.

Hey, I mentioned it! The title song is my favorite Stones song, bar none. “Short n Curlies” and their version of “Aint too Proud to Beg” both rock, but “If you Can’t Rock Me” oddly enough, does not. It also does not measure up as an album opener compared to the openers between Beggars Banquet and Exile. If they’d made it a really short record, left off the opener and left out “Luxury” and “If You Really Want to Be My Friend”, then I’d have considered it more carefully. As it is, it has at least 4 songs I regularly skip, and BB and LIB have none. It’s good, if it were my only record ever, I would not cry. But to me, it signals the beginning of the aging of the band, and the end of my ability to drop a needle on one side of a Rolling Stones record and leave it there.