Best "sort of apocalypse" movies

A.I. Artificial Intelligence qualifies. Society is still functioning more or less normally with government and corporations and a functioning economy (for some), but catastrophic climate change is well under way. Manhattan is flooded and abandoned. They visit some island resort city / red light district that presumably only exists because Atlantic City is now under water. The whole “present” has a “world winding down” feel to it. Fast forward 2000 years, NYC is under massive glaciers and humans are extinct and supplanted by advanced AI (not aliens).

The new film Reminiscence also qualifies in its portrayal of a water-logged Miami. It also qualifies as a bad knock off of films such as Blade Runner, Inception, and Memento.

I meant, famine without the timely intervention of Mr Average.

Ah, I misunderstood.

Which takes place this year, 2022. :wink:

Just as an FYI the book Soylent Green is based on “Make Room! Make Room!” is a really good sci fi novel and even better than the (pretty good) movie. The murder mystery that drives the movie is just a small part of the novel which is a good examination of a world crumbling under its own weight.

Yes, and in the book, (set in 1999) Soylent Green (the product) is made from soy and lentils, not humans.

I note that many of the problems predicted for the dystopian version of 1999 in 'Make Room! Make Room!" haven’t come about, even though our current version of 2022 is not without its own (different) problems.

How about the ‘Hunger Games’ movies? I don’t remember if there was actually an apocalyptic event, but the Hunger Games future is certainly dystopic, and the Wikipedia entry describes the nation of Panem as ‘post-apocalyptic’.

Not a movie, but the TV series “The Prisoner” went from a “horror of a society” to complete chaos.

Yeah I’m no Hunger Games super fan(I’ve seen some of the movies ages ago, never read the books) but as I recall there was meant to be some sort of societal collapse and civil war, that lead to modern society being replace by the weird semi-feudal empire in the Hunger Games. You definitely don’t watch Hunger Games and think “That’s just modern society that’s got crappy with a few sci fi additions”.

Which you do with Looper, Children of Men, and Idiocracy (though Idiocracy is kind of pushing it, for all the jokes about it being a documentary)