Betting on the Boards

First off: Sorry to start a thread and wander off. I was waiting for an e-mail notification.

The post above gets to my point. Posting something like, “I bet you Scooter Libbey gets a pardon” ruins cynicism for the rest of us! (apologies to i am a scientest)

But that thread also shows how a political know-nothing like myself who might gain some insight into the machinations of high level politics ends up scratching his head because, while I don’t have anything to add to the thread, I also don’t have the money to risk just to find out the reasoning behind the pat comment, no he won’t.

We tend to not get involved in this sort of thing; not like it’s Casino Night or anything like that around here.

Of course if it did get out of hand we’d have to do something about it but so far it does not appear to be a problem. We’d just as soon avoid having to make a rule unless we really need to.