Bibical prohibition against canibalism?

mangeorge said:

No one claimed that a poster named “Romans 14” posted in this thread. What you are reacting to is a feature of how the “quote” function works on this board. When one wishes to quote another source, that person can use the “quote” function, whereby you type “quote” in square brackets around the material in question, with the slash (/) on the second box as a close indicator. This will print the indicated text in a box to differentiate quoted material from original commentary. If one uses “= source” after the first quote tag inside the square brackets, then that source will be automatically tagged in the quote field as the source. The text the quote feature uses is “Originally Posted by”, which if you are citing another poster in the thread is accurate, but if you are citing a source external to the board is misleading. But that is a feature of the quote function, not the poster’s error.

Thank you.

After a whole lot of posts, that’s the first time I’ve ever encountered that. Live and learn, eh. Good thing it wasn’t a long thread.
You know, the box did claim that someone named “Romans 14” posted. That wouldn’t be an outlandish nickname.