Biden's choice for vice presidential candidate

To clarify, what I WISH would happen is that Biden were a transitional president, serving 4 yrs to shift us away from the debacle of the past 4 yrs, and pave the way for a succeeding 8+ under someone younger. He is too old and too unexceptional now - in 4 yrs he’ll be WAY too old.

Old white men have had power long enough. Let some others have a chance to fuck things up!

You’re going to have to shorten that a little to fit on a bumper sticker.

Sanders is quite a bit older and trump is only a little younger. Trump is the oldest man to take the office.

Yeah, Old white men like JFK, Teddy, Bill, and Obama.

My concern as well. Rice makes it REAL easy for Trump to run against Hillary again. And Benghazi comes back in a big way as well.

Anybody have an idea who Biden will pick for Attorney General-?

Harris wouldn’t be a bad pick if she doesn’t get the VP seat.

I also like Sally Yates for AG.

Everyone keeps expecting Biden to die in office. I expect two full terms from him.

Really? The guy is ancient, looks like a Mummy, I expect maybe one full term.

Bah. Mahathir took power in Malaysia again in his 90s, and he’d been looking like a mummy for 50 years. Strom Thurmond kept on ticking. I expect Biden to run the course.

I don’t expect him to die necessarily. I just don’t expect him to run at 81, get re-elected at 82, then serve until he is 86. If he wins Biden will be the oldest U.S. president by a country mile. The next closest is Reagan who was younger when he left office than Biden will be when he takes office.

Well he’s given himself to the Democratic Party, I think one term is enough and after that he can let someone else take the helm.

80s is the new middle age.

Younger than Sanders, Moscow Mitch or Pelosi, only slightly older than trump.

Joe Biden is younger than Nancy Pelosi.

We are down to the home stretch. So, who are the finalists? Is Bass really a contender or was that just part of the campaign propaganda? Haven’t heard much about Warren lately.

What’s the short list?

Depends on who you ask. Harris, Bass, Rice and Demmings seem to be the top contenders at the moment.

Here’s a CNN article of note - top Biden VP contenders face sexist tropes and intense scrutiny in final stretch:

Fox made a Dana Milbank op-ed piece into a whole article against Rice. Take a look at those comments beneath.

Not that they’re going to vote for any VP pick he makes, but this is a foretaste of what the campaign will look like if Biden picks her.

This is why, after all the dust settles, I hope either Demings or Duckworth come out as the #2. I know everyone has a history, problems, potential to be attacked, etc., but those two don’t have glaring issues as of now. Rice and Bass both have right-wing talking points tattooed across their foreheads.

All Joe has to do with this pick is do no harm. Rice and Bass won’t give him that.

“First, do no harm” is always good advice in picking a running mate.