Biden's choice for vice presidential candidate

Sorry Andy but for Bass to suggest that in 2010 no one knew Scientology was a criminal scam is ridiculous on its face. Operation Snow White took place in the 1970s and involved espionage and burglary of government offices as well as efforts to blackmail government officials. She is either very naive or being dishonest.

I suspect it’s more that she’s a bit mercenary, and saw good district politics in praising a church being built, because the sins of scientology were not widely known at the time. Which is mostly fine with me.

Plus, I think the potential weaknesses of the other possibilities are more concerning or risky. But we’ll see. Biden has run a solid campaign so far IMO, so his team’s judgment is probably better than mine.

But the world we live in is that everybody is judged for what they did in the past based on what is known and considered to be correct now.

You are free to judge her as you think appropriate. I see praising a scientology church being built as no more or less wrong than praising a Catholic church being built, especially in 2010. YMMV.

a) This has nothing to do with me. Nobody on the Biden team is asking for my opinion.
b) Everybody, including those who are being asked, will be judging her with 2020 eyes, not 2010 eyes. Because that is how we do things in modern politics for quite a while now. I’m sure you’ve noticed.
c) Why do you get so defensive? I think we’re all well aware in these discussions that we are free to make our own judgments.

Bass gave a presentation to a group of Scientologists. That’s a non-issue. On the other hand, it gives the competition something to whine about. But, does any potential Biden voter care? On the other hand, why buy trouble?

Bass is very appealing and has a great resume for a position in the cabinet. Not VP.

The short list seems to be:

Harris, Bass, Rice, Whitmer, Warren

My ranking is:

  1. Warren
  2. Harris
  3. Bass
  4. Rice
  5. Whitmer

I suspect Biden will pick Bass or Rice

I just hope we don’t see a gaffe, like, “I pick… Casey Anthony! No, wait. I meant Susan Rice. She’s black, right?” :smiley:

It’s no big deal. Right now my preferences are mild at best. We’ll see what happens.

The Scientologist thing is not a big deal. Her past coziness with Cuba, however, is, and would likely eliminate Florida from Biden’s potential win column. At this point he should be looking for ways to expand his victory, not shrink the electoral map.

Most of the Floridians who’d side-eye her over Cuba aren’t Democratic voters. And from my experience, a lot of them wouldn’t be hip on voting for a woman anyway, let alone a black woman.

As long as we’re on the subject; how do Scientologists vote? D or R?

Throw Duckworth in too. Whitmer’s still in the short list?

I’d be curious how posters here would each of them would rank them as viewed through different lenses, and what the rank importance of those lenses should be:

  • Least likely to drive opposition base turnout up
  • Potential to increase turnout over current likelihood of various segments of the D base
  • Ability to help close the sale with potential swing voters, be they Obama-Trump ones, Romney-Clinton ones, or third party and stay home choosers
  • Otherwise specific impact in key battleground states
  • Best able to step in and be President at a moment’s notice
  • Best able to be a useful member of an administrative team

My take is that so long as a candidate does not dramatically FAIL by the first four lenses, the last two matter most.

Warren is the closest to failing on items one and three but maybe makes it up with slight over baseline turnout of the progressive segment of the D base. Of the others I don’t see any huge advantage to one over the other.

My own WAG for the remaining two is Rice, Duckworth, Bass, Harris, Whitmer, Warren. I just don’t see Warren and Biden working well together, and Warren would shift courses too dramatically mid term if something happened to Biden. Rice has the in West Wing experience to be useful and ready, the next two Congressional creds, and the next gubernatorial executive experience. Rice though has the academic smarts and brains that frankly Biden lacks and needs to have at his side.

Right, they won’t be voting for the Democrat, but I believe this is a really good example of the first item on DSeid’s list above. If Bass is perceived as being “weak” on the Castro regime, there’s a reason for otherwise apathetic Cubans in Florida to turn out and vote for Trump–even if they might have been inclined to stay home. You don’t want to give folks who aren’t on your side a reason to vote, and I worry that Bass’s “coziness with Cuba” might do exactly that.

Whether it should is a different question. And whether the “coziness” rises to that level is a different question as well. But it would be remiss of Biden not to at least take that into account, given the importance of FL in the election and what I at least perceive as the need for a landslide.

DSeid, Ulf,

We are long overdue for normalizing relations with Cuba especially considering we have managed it in Vietnam and China. Trump is a greater atrocity than nationalizing Bacardi. It’s a whining point but not a major factor. Castro is very old news.

On all of your points, I’d favor Duckworth but she seems to have faded in the media. Otherwise the best choice is Warren. She is the strongest campaigner. Also, Warren is politically astute. She knows the rules. She won’t become President by upstaging her boss. It is somewhat like the Obama/Clinton team. Also it looks good for Biden if he can make it work.

Chinese proverb: “A swift horse requires a skilled rider”

That being said I still believe Biden will wimp out and pick Bass or Rice.

Not sure how those choices would be “wimping out.”

I like Warren, and I voted for her in the primary. I do not want her on the Biden ticket though. I want someone younger and with broader appeal. While Warren’s politics match mine to a large degree, she is far to the left of the voters Biden needs in the upper Midwest and Florida.

But, the voters he will ‘lose’ in Florida he can’t get anyway. The real question is whether he has to have a black VP to get the black vote? I think not. Warren has performed for the consumer and that is the broad base of voters, regardless of ethnicity.

I also don’t think he needs a Black VP to get the Black vote. I don’t think that’s the “real question,” though. He needs someone who can’t be painted as a socialist.

I’m exactly in the same boat as you - even donated to Warren and bought merch. Don’t want her on the ticket. Right now Biden occupies an interesting lane. He’s seen as very moderate, but has a very progressive platform. Nominating Warren blows up that narrative. Suddenly he seems “in hock to the ‘far left’”. And even though Harris has a voting record that comes close to Warren’s, she doesn’t have the same baggage.

And Warren is just too old. Does nothing to blunt the criticism of Biden’s age.

So a moderate Republican, then? :slightly_smiling_face: Because that’s the only way to not be painted a socialist by GOP pols and conservative media.