Big Fat Obnoxious Finale

Are you sure it wasn’t the scene where he says “I’ve never slept with your daughter?” I definitely remember that, b/c the dad was very uncomfortable about it.

He stood up to go get his family after the all went upstairs and the producer had to go get them.

My take on the whole thing is that the dad knew something was going on. He’s a smart guy - he had to know that there was more to this than just “we’re getting married on TV” - it was billed as a reality show and the family had been followed around for so long, and the daughter was such a terrible liar. I somehow think he knew there was more going on, which is why he was so patient with everything.

And I really was hoping for his family to object. That would have been the ultimate way to spring it on them.

What a creepy family as well as very shallow. Did you notice the brother was still in anger mode even when everything was being explained–his body language and the way he crossed his arms as well as the rouge cheeks (someone should tell him it is an ugly look). Also very controlling. I also didn’t laugh at all and woke up the dog when I yelled “THAT WAS IT? ICK”.

I was hoping that HIS “family” would object during the wedding with hilarity ensuing, but I think maybe the producers thought that would be too much for Randi and more Randi tears would be too much for the audience.

But I think they had Steve not say “I do” cause he is already married and it would be like he was breaking his original vows to his real wife. That would be a controversy neither Steve nor Fox would want to be in.

It was a very disappointing finale and a waste of my hour.

I’m pretty sure it was not that incident. I remember seeing it on the previews for the show and the commercials for the first few shows. The reason it was so impactful is because the guy says “I can’t wait to sleep with your daughter.”

Well, I’ll admit I’m sick for wanting this to happen but I wanted her to get $0. I was hoping one of her family members would walk out and Fox would say, “Sorry, you didn’t complete the contract so you get nothing”. Then the whole “Oh by the way Steve and his family are actors” would be sprung on her.

That or having one of Steve’s family standing up and objecting to Steve marrying Randi during the wedding would have been great. Something along the lines of her being too tight-assed to be in the family would have been perfect.


Didn’t see it myself, but I’ve heard that they had the kilts on backwards? with the pleats to the front?

I was kinda hoping for the “twist” to be them telling Randi after the ceremony - “Oh, by the way that was a real priest and everything, now you’re really married to this guy! Hee Hee!”
OK, I realize that that probably wouldn’t stand up legally, but at least it would provide a more interesting ‘shocking turn of events’ than what was offered.
“Smarmfest” - couldn’t have said it better.

I forgot about the kilts. I would swear that during the last episode right before the wedding I heard Randi say she was proud of her Irish heritage. Did/Do the Irish wear kilts? I was confused by this. It is very possible she said Scottish but it sure sounded like Irish.

Yup. Pleats to the front, military sporrans worn even with the top of the kilt, no belts, standard tuxedo jackets instead of properly tailored jackets intended for wear with kilts…pretty pathetic. And they hired a piper for the wedding who was dressed properly, which made them look all the more foolish.

And why were Randi’s brothers wearing kilts, but not Randi’s dad?

No, I caught that vibe, too. There was a very strange dynamic running through that family but particularly between Randi and him.

And gee, Steve’s speech would only work on people as shallow and unaware of their own behavior as the Coys. It was pure BS - and SOUNDED like pure BS, especially after we had seen how they behaved - but they are already so self-satisfied that it worked. Well, maybe not on Dad, who has probably heard a line of bs or two on the job (was his smile at how his wife was going to lap it up?), but on everybody else.

At first I didn’t like Randi and felt she deserved whatever jerking around she got. As I got to “know” her I realized that some of her behavior came from being raised an Irish Princess but much of it came from being so desparate to please a hostile and egotistical mother and a grim, distant father. I hope she watches the show and realizes that there is no pleasing some people and other people aren’t worth the effort to please. And some (I’m looking at you, Patrick) are too creepy to be around. I got to like the girl, within limitations, and would like to help her get over her family. (Aaaawwwww, drop’s got a heart after all, at least when it concerns cute blondes.)

The Scots-Irish.

On Letterman last night, Steve was a guest, and this is the point Dave kept making over and over again. Basically, “The family is humiliated on television because the daughter lied to them, and at $250,000 the family is still upset and walking away. At $500,000, they are smiling and everything is okay again.” Steve kept trying to explain how nice the Coys really were, etc. And Dave just wouldn’t let it go. Dave even called the sons “drunken”, maybe he read your post DtC.

What was up with the promo for this episode saying, “IT’S THE MOST SHOCKING FINALE OF THE SEASON!” Huh?? Since when does a season have more than ONE finale?

I wonder what would have happened if Randi’s family objected and they lost all that money – since Steve and his family are actors, they could claim the show violated the rules and have grounds for a pretty big lawsuit? (Maybe that’s why the producer was in the bathroom urging the kids to get back outside…)

I sincerely doubt that this was the case. Actors perform wedding scenes all the time in television shows & movies (don’t forget, this is a TV show!). And in many cases, the actor may already be married to someone else. The wedding vows aren’t real. It’s just acting!

They mean of all the television series on this season, this one has the most shocking finale.

But the person performing the ceremony is also an actor so has no legal authority to marry two people. Don’t you need a signed marriage license issued by the state for there to be a marriage, ceremony or not?

I’m pretty sure it’s the signed marriage certificate that’s important, so even if it’s a real minister performing the ceremony, it doesn’t count if nobody signs.

I caught tonight’s rebroadcast of the finale. I was also hoping for more fun antics like in the prior eps. Hmm…I hope they do a better job with the finale if they decide to do a sequel of some kind. :slight_smile: