Big Love season finale (open spoilers)

Why do you guys think the writers made Sarah’s boyfriend so much older than she is? Was it so we’d be more suspicious of him, less sympathetic?

Lakai, I’m thinking about your explanation (and thank you). Maybe things will look less inconsistent when I watch a second time.

Two words: Daddy figure.

I thought about father figure, but he’s only 28. Shouldn’t a father figure be older?

I don’t remember if I saw the episode where Sarah and Scott met. What was it about him that appealed to her, apart from his age and (supposed) maturity? Was he supportive? Attentive? Did he defend her from someone?

[QUOTE=Max Torque]
So, does anyone else think that they did a major setup for neighbor-woman (what was her name?) and her husband to become polygamists next season? QUOTE]
Yeah, that does make sense- it is almost the same set up- except Barb had kids at the time so it would be even less of a leap for the childless Pam and (Carl?) to do the same thing. I was kinda disappointed that Pam believed Margene in the first place- the way I read her reaction when Margene told her was that she was disgusted with being lied to by Margene- I think that was more realistic than her believing the lie.

Sarah’s been teetering with the religious aspect of her life from the beginning of the show. Last we heard from her “she didn’t know what” to believe. I think her conversation with Ben and his challenge “don’t you believe in it?” really sealed if for her.

Those parts I like. And “by the way, Bill, Margene is having the neighbor’s baby” from Barb. Nicki and Margene were hardly watchable without yelling “STUPID!” every two minutes- first week I liked Barb best of all the wives- usually I can’t stand her.

I’m confused on the Kathy/Wanda relationship, and Bill needs to learn to handle UEB business himself instead of sending Joey the doofus in there. Like throwing a kitten to the sharks IMHO.

Overall, not a good season finale- not with how promising the season started. I was really stoked about it too, but not nearly enough “danger” for the lead up, rattlesnakes notwithstanding.

Sarah went to an LDS “reform” meeting for ex-LDS members. Scott was a leader of the group. When she confessed to being a polygamist, everyone sort of gasped and she ran out of the building. Scott followed her and apologized for the group and said he wanted to make sure she got some help (I think he said he had a friend he’d hook her up with).

So, Scott instantly became this older guy (but not undate-ably old) who knew her secret and wanted to help her and omg he could save me from my family and give me answers!! Plus he had his own place and own stuff and it was just neato.

You don’t have to be an older gentleman to be a daddy figure. Just old enough to be a little farther along than the girl you’re trying to save.

Or just shoot him to death in his bed and swear it was the Greens.

Agreed also on the “Roman is far too dangerous to let him be arrested” point. A man like Roman Grant has almost certainly been arrested before, he’s old and sick so it’s not like he’s going into gen-pop, he knows where all the bodies are buried (probably literally), he’s probably got plenty of money hidden that only he knows about to bribe anything he wants done, etc… I thought it was faulty writing as well- Alby’s not that stupid. He’d have more likely gone with an IED or something similar- kill his father violently and use that to his advantage, waiting until later to decide whether to blame the Greens, Bill, or curtain number 3 (whichever is most convenient).

(Am I the only one that thinks Alby’s kind of hot in a sleazy evil way, incidentally? Or to wonder if he’s ever going to try to seduce Ben?)

Well, Alby was having Roman arrested by the Juniper Creek cops; they’re real cops, but since they have all their own laws, etc. I think it’s more of a control thing for Alby than a REAL attempt to have Roman arrested.

I’ll have to watch again, but I didn’t think those were the Juniper Creek police. I thought it was the county sheriff taking Roman into custody

Just checked, you’re right. It is the sheriff.

Um, yeah.

Are you old enough to remember Henry Silva? That’s who Alby reminds me of.

ZipperJJ, thanks. That definitely explains it.

Edited to add a link to Silva photo, since there’s more than one Henry Silva.

My bad. I could’ve sworn it was Juniper Creek. Oh, well.

Just watched it again. Best line of the episode goes to Wanda:

Kathy: Are you wearing the fresh underwear I put out for you.
Wanda: Stop smothering me!

Priceless. There is something creepy about Kathy. I don’t know if she’s “slow” or just so into the nutty compound life that she doesn’t realize just how nutty it is.

Oh yea, that was my WTF line of the night as well

It felt like this episode had A LOT cut out of it to fit the hour. The first 20 minutes was choppy like scenes were cut down for time or just omitted completely. And at the end, one moment Bill’s making out with Ana and then we cut to Barb looking around for Bill with the expectation that she is going to find them together-- But nope, Bill walks out of the house looking like he just walked away from a conversation with Don Embry not a makeout session with an almost 4th wife.

I think the big turning point in this was that they made it clear that we won’t see Bill taking over Juniper Creek (like myself and other people have speculated since the end of season 1). Bill made it clear tht he is taking his family in a different direction. It seems clear to me that we are actually resetting back to where things were in season 1 with Bill distancing from the Juniper creek folks and trying to sever ties.

Anyone else think it’s bizarre that no mention has EVER been made to Bill beating up Alby for going after Sarah?

I’m not so sure about that. If Roman is taken away by the Sheriff, and Alby is taken away by the ATF, then the board might well elect Bill again. If a couple of things fall apart, we could easily find the whole family at the Big House. As I’ve said before, I trust these writers. Instead of trying to fit what they’ve written into my preconceived notions, I’m trying to fit my notions around what they’ve written. This could be a great setup for a season of upheaval.

I realize that this season was like that to some degree, but it involved the family drifting apart. Next season might be a unified family against the world, which would be cool. I think it’d be funny to see Bill administering all the little details about who marries whom, and dealing with the dullards at Juniper Creek. Not to mention Barb, Nicki, and Margene, all of whom I think would have some great moments interacting with all the weirdos.

We’ll see, I guess.

By the way, I think Wanda might poison Lois.

HA! Lib, my sister and I laughed at exactly the same moment after that scene and DH said, “What?” and we said “She’s gonna poison Lois.”

Maybe it’s just me, but it almost felt like they were trying REALLY hard to leave things in a way that would work if the series didn’t continue or if it did. I was disappointed in the abruptness of Bill giving up the power at Juniper Creek and Barb’s sudden actions. It almost seems as if she’s punishing him - “if you want all these wives, everyone is going to know about it and you have to deal with the fallout.” I was disappointed in the Ana situation - makeout in the closet and then where’d she go? It seemed clumsy. I kept feeling like time got away from them so they slapped on a resolution to the various story lines. All in all, it was a disappointing conclusion after the last few episodes, which were the best yet.

The best part was Adaleen giving Barb advice. Who knows Nicki better than her mother? She told someone (Barb or Bill) to give Nicki a good swat at some point. Barb is clearly feeling powerless and adrift.

I thought the editing was bizarre in this episode, too.

They cut straight from Bill cutting the phone lines to Bill arguing with Lois…with no mention of what she’s suddenly doing there. Okay, later on, I get it, they’re all there for the pioneer day or whatever–but it was abrupt. So was Wanda and Joey staying there…took me a minute to realize that they had showed up. It didn’t feel very pieced together.

I felt bad for Ana realizing what Margene had done. It’s so incredibly creepy if you think about it. I wanted to tell her, “Run, run!” This is a majorly dysfunctional family.

I’m also wondering why they’ve just glossed over the Alby/Bill beat down scene.

One other thing–was anyone else insanely creeped out by the song/dance number on the float? The little girl singing “Stupid Cupid”? It was the little baby voice…the pronouncing r’s as w’s…ugh. I never thought Connie Francis could seem so skeevey.

It wasn’t skeevey when Connie sang it!

The little “dancers” surprised me too. Seemed a little racy for Mormons (or any religious group). All those shots of their little wiggly butts – was that a message that Mormons can’t keep the big world out?