Big stars whose early work showed little or no promise

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun has been exceptional in two or three small independent films I’ve seen him in.

Steve McQueen’s debut in the Blob

I second John Travolta.

On Tommy Lee Jones, I recently rewatched 1978’s “Eyes of Laura Mars” which was sort of campy fun - but TLJ did not distinguish himself in it. The best thing about that movie is the score - Barbra’s “Prisoner”.

This will make me look incredibly stupid at this point, but Brad Pitt’s small role in Thelma and Louise.

I thought, “Oh he’s so fun, this scrawny kid in this movie, and he’ll never work again!”

Yeah. There are reasons why I am NOT a talent scout, obviously!

Leonardo DiCaprio? Growing Pains? Generic sit-com kid.

I first remembered hin from playing Howard Hughes in a TV Bio film. from 1977 - Not a great film I guess but as it was my first knowledge of the long fingernailed, tissue devouring germ phobic multi millionaire recluse that was depicted in some scenes, they, and the name of the actor , kinda stuck with me.

Johnny Depp from 21 Jump Street.

I was falling off my chair when Ray Liotta became a household name. To me he’ll always be little Joey Perrini from the soap Another World.

Mark Hammel in One Day at a Time…no wait, disregard.