Biggest city without a TV show based in it

Here is the last thread where this was asked.


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I-80 goes through Sacramento. The answer to that one is Fresno.

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That was McLean Stevenson’s Hello, Larry, a 1979 sitcom that only lasted one 33-episode go-round. As the IMDB has it,

By the way, AFAIK, Mr. Lemon was not involved in a sporting goods store in the Rose City.

I though, in the sense of land area that Jacksonville is like the biggest city in the country. They should have a show by now, shouldnt they?

What about Oklahoma City?

Not trying to make a pile on, but Philly was also set in Philly!

Those population numbers, by the way, indicate only populations within actual city limits; i.e., they don’t include suburbs and thus don’t reflect the more commonly accepted figures for the Metropolitan Statistical Areas of the cities named. If they did, Memphis would be 49th as of the 2000 census, instead of 18th.

I just went to to try to find a list of cities ranked by MSA population, but I got frustrated quickly and left. Please carry on.

I also remember the other thread on this - I think it was a GQ thread from before the Cafe - and I could’ve sworn the answer was Fresno. Maybe I’m getting it mixed up with the largest city without an interstate though.

Wasn’t Perfect Strangers set in Philly?

OK, for those of you who didn’t see or won’t click the link hajario has kindly provided, we came to the following conclusions:

Based purely on city limit populations, the answer is San Jose.

1: New York - NYPD Blue
2: Los Angeles - A-Team
3: Chicago - ER
4: Houston - Houston Knights
5: Philadelphia - thirtysomething
6: Phoenix - Alice
7: San Diego - Simon and Simon
8: Dallas - Dallas
9: San Antonio - The Brothers Garcia
10: Detroit - Martin
11: San Jose - ???

The most populous state without a show is Alabama. The largest metropolitan area without one is Tampa-St. Petersburg

Perfect Strangers was set in Chicago.

Because no one knows the way, to San Jose?


More like, because the town is so stupefyingly blah and nothing that nobody could come up with a reason to have a series there.

Then again, there’s a series set in Fresno…

You would think that someone would have come up with a sitcom based on the life and times of a sofware developer in Silicon Valley or some such nonsense like that.

Was “Dallas” actually set in Dallas? As the last post in the earlier thread noted, Southfork Ranch is really in Parker, a suburb of Dallas… or is that close enough for this topic?

Whilst trying to figure out where the Dilbert tv series is set, I notice that there’s going to be a series called Millenium Penguin, set in Silicon Valley, which San Jose is in.

I also found this, on a series they’re hoping to start taping soon:

Well, I don’t think there’s been a TV series set in Raleigh. The movie “Bull Durham” is close, but still a movie, not a TV series.

(Well WE think wer’e a major city! (Even got a post office, so there!)

The Popcorn Kid.

If we include shows made for Nickelodeon, The Brothers Garcia takes place in San Antonio, taking it out of the running.


J.R.'s building (real-life Renaisannce Tower) is actually in Dallas, which should be enough to qualify it, even if Southfork Ranch doesn’t.

Wasn’t there a workplace sitcom a few years ago set in Silicon Valley? I recall the wacky premise being the show focused on the one woman in an office of geeks. I suppose it might not have actually been set in San Jose (I know I like pretty much everyone else never watched the show)…

Okay, googled it and the show was “Dweebs”. Eight episodes made, six aired, and I can’t find anything about the setting…