Bill Cosby attacks some in black community again

I never said they were. But responsiblity is a path between left or right and sometimes through no fault of their own, some people find one path blocked and for whatever reason they just can’t see a way over or around it and get trapped, sometimes for generations. You can’t fix that by calling them trash.

I know people like this and all they needed is one really good break and they soar, but it’s not easy to do and requires sacrifice on ALL parts.

It seems I guess wrong to abandon these people; especially when you have the money and ability to directly affect their lives when all they really need is guidance, not a handout, not a blank check, but a plan; something as simple as A to B for TODAY. Today you learn a skill, today your kid goes to a safe school, today you own your home. I’ve seen in happen with the screwups in my own family…screaming at them never worked. Tough love, sure but always an incentive they could see and feel and work towards.

Who, the functional illiterates that Cosby’s railing against? If this message is for them, then I think they might miss it…with all that wife-beating, nigga shouting, 40 drinking and stealing they’re doing. Perhaps they’ll grab a copy of USA Today, during their looting.

Holmes, how do you make those who behave the way Cosby is complaining about turn away from that behavior?

And also, where do you think that the wrong path begins? At what age? What sort of choices are made at the beginning to set someone on the wrong path?

Are the young modeling the behavior of their elders? If so, isn’t it the responsibility of the elders to model responsible behavior?

At the risk of seeming harsh, Holmes, this is actually part of the problem. I doubt that that many of the people that you are referencing have accessed or picked up a newspaper lately.

But the people who have are paying for thier behavior in the long run.

Actually, I don’t think he’s preaching to the choir. The NAACP, the Rainbow/Push coalition, and other activist groups, while made up of upper-class people who have their shit together, have a long history of excusing the behavior that Cosby is attacking. These groups blame the White Man for the problems in the black community and fail to see the destructive choices that are being made by people in the ghetto. Cosby is essentially telling them, “quit making excuses for these people. The White Man isn’t hurting them; they are hurting themselves. And if we continue to excuse their anti-social behavior we’re not going to see any improvement in their situation.”

I’m not trying to duck you on this, but to answer this question we require I break down the entire African-American Experience in way that makes sense and even I don’t have enough moxie for that.

To answer your question, I suggest you a little introspection. Look the the members of your family that didn’t do as well; why were they ALL screw ups? Consider the mistakes and missteps you yourself did in your life and think about what your life would be if you turned left instead of right.

You may be surprised at how lucky you really are, despite your responsible nature.

Do you really believe these people want their children to grow up like this? Do you really believe if Bill Cosby went into Harlem and opened a Charter Elementary School, those parents wouldn’t be there? Geez, i don’t know where you guys grew up or if you know any REAL poor people, but the ones I knew/know would jump at the opportunity.

Despite what a little white cartoon boy with a toy tiger and nice middle class house says.

Hi, I grew up on the southside of Chicago for the first eight years of my life, a stones throw from The Robert Taylor Housing Projects. I know “real” poor people.

You asked what donating money to spellman did? It makes spellman a better school so that STUDENTS WHO WORK HARD AND STUDY can get into school, possibly on a full ride scholarship.

The point of it is, no matter how much money you throw at a problem, there is a human element that is necessary. You can’t just sit back and say “MAn, my life better improve…and FAST”

And I forgot to add that right now I’m working in an educational and community development agency to improve daycare and preschools for inner city children in chicago and I’ll tell you first hand:

a lot of parents DO NOT CARE. It’s like pulling teeth to get them to participate.

Exactly! And while Cosby was ostensibly speaking only to a specific audience he was really speaking to all of us lest we allow our children to fall into the same traps in which so many black children today find themselves.

Apparently you are unaware of the tradition of using satire to state uncomfortable truths.

Cosby was not talking to the parents who are doing everything in their power so their children don’t end up in the same hole they are in. He was talking to the parents who, whether because of addiction, tradition, or because they are overwhelmed by their own problems, are NOT pushing their children to do better. There is only so much that a school, no matter how good or well funded, can do for a child and the final choices are made by the child and his parent(s).

THAT was satire?

So why didn’t Cosby go into one of their neighbourhoods? Wouldn’t make more sense to confront the people he had a problem with? Instead Cosby tells a bunch of rich guys, what a bunch losers their poor “cousins” are.

I made some. I could have done better in school. But I finished it instead of dropping out.

I have never engaged in any type of behavior to get arrested.

I’ve never impregnated a teenage girl.

I had the chance to do all three and more. But I chose not to. That, my friend, is the crux of the argument.

yeah, I hear Fifty Cent is eating out of dumpsters these days. :rolleyes:

Rich guys can make horrific life errors as well.

Man I envy you your simple life.

Was Honour student.

A few friends asked me go on for ride, I was doing something and declined, turns out they were on a drug buy and wanted me for “muscle”. They got caught and the rest is history. I would’ve been screwed…criminal record maybe life of poverty. I’ve had a few close shaves like that…wrong place at the wrong time.

Rubber broke, lucky again…would have been a teenage father…Life totally different…maybe one of poverty.

There’s a different crux…you can do everything right and still end up against the wall. Act of God, bad luck whatever…we’re all one paycheck away from the street.

Or worse-what about those that DO try to work hard, study, try to better themselves-and are accused of “acting white” by peers.

As if to imply that being successful and hard working is something that only WHITES can do, that blacks are by nature NOT.

You don’t see that as harmful?

I sure as hell do!

Having a child as a teenager doesn’t have to equal poverty unless you choose to sit back and victimize yourself.

This is a huge cultural problem that can only be addressed from within. Which is what Cosby is trying to do.

Well done.

Boy, that is lucky isn’t it?

Suppose you had gone on that drug run, or it had been the wrong time of the month and she had gotten pregnant. Let’s also suppose that a wealthy, black man came in and offered you some money. How should it be spent?

See, that’s not the white persons fault. They’re doing it to each other.
Cosby is trying to get all these problems out in the open, trying to bring attention to the little problems that can pile up in front of someone and block further progress. He’s not coming out with the fixes, but as we all know, the first step towards solving a problem is to identify the problem.

The “help” I needed would have been maybe some dough or a part time job to help with the baby and a job when i got out of college or the joint. That’s all I would’ve needed, that extra step to lift me back on the rung I slipped off.

This is assuming that my family would have turned me out onto the streets, but remember that was 20-25 years ago, when the extended family still existed. So I most likely would have been alright anyway.

Honestly I wouldn’t have needed help, but that’s me…I’m not a good example for this, because I had opportunities. I realized that they were mine to lose, the people that Cosby is railing against, just don’t have access to them.

It’s as if they’re born into caste system and the effort to break that caste can be just overwhelming if they aren’t given some basic help.

That’s why I keep saying that the world isn’t what Cosby or I grew up in anymore, those options that we had to fall back on are no more.

What people seem to be missing, is that for some people there is NO ladder, they are starting from the bottom and don’t even know how to climb…you don’t teach them to climb by telling them they suck at life.