Bin Laden Hypothetical

I highly doubt most civilians would be thrilled either.


I for one wouldn’t be thrilled. I want to see him in jail in the US, so we can get some intel from him and get some good mileage out of his defeat. And I was working in NYC on 9/11.

If we were able to capture him that means we were able to monitor his communications. There is no intel worth getting from him that would compensate for the agitation it would cause the cave dwelling mutants that follow him.

In the OP, it looks like an opportunistic, rather than a premeditated act.

So just how does this one guy get the emergency exit open?

Oh, I want him dead. I’d like him to be tied to a pillar on the top floor of a multi-story building that’s due to get imploded, but first I’d like there to be some fire, and after the building implodes, I’d like them to have to wait a while to pick through the rubble to determine whether or not he’s still alive.

Assuming he’s guilty, of course.

But that’s just me.

I cannot imagine anything worse than capturing OBL alive. take him to the USA for trial? That will encourage hundreds of suicide bombings at US embassies, business, and private citizen’s homes.Plus, there will be hundreds of wacko lawyers (Kunstler types) proclaiming this swine’s innocence.
Better that his bullet-riddled body be found and dragged to a local morque-where it can be phtographed, identified, and thrown out for rats and dogs to eat.

I find your assertions questionable, to say the least.

Right, because that will bring everyone killed in the 9/11 attacks back to life, and will certainly dissuade anyone from ever mounting an attack on US interests again.

Why anyone would want ObL killed before we squeeze every bit of intelligence and propaganda value out of him is beyond me. Hell, why anyone would want him killed AFTER I don’t get. ObL dead is basically just a hunk of rotting meat. ObL in a cell for the rest of his life, all alone, with only his thoughts for company…now THAT is justice I say! Hell, REAL justice is ObL in a cell with his new (350 lb) friend Bubbah who thinks ObL’s has a nice mouth…