Bone I need a better explantion than what you wrote.

If I’m in a Game Room thread arguing with a Dolphins fan (I assume they exist) and then I say “Dolphins fans are idiots”, I think it’s safe to assume I’m sniping at the person I’m arguing with unless I include a disclaimer. Something like, “You seem to be able to reason even if you’re wrong, but most Dolphins fans are idiots.”

By the way I don’t actually have anything about Dolphins fans, to the contrary I send you my prayers.

In closing…Bone, to be clear, was my real “violation” here the “crass comment”? because I don’t think saying that a group won’t listen to reason or that they are spiteful is an insult; it’s my personal observation. I ask this to prevent future misunderstandings.

Keep in mind that we are discussing a mod note. These are used as a way to direct or guide discussion. To be explicit, the direction was to “refrain from this type of base sexual commentary” so yes, the trigger for the mod note was the crass comment in the fashion it was offered.

Thank you for the clarification, Bone.

That’s not the same construction BwanaBob used, though. If he had said, “Oh but there’s that pesky mantra of the Right who just cum in their pants over the concept of ‘punishing those who made poor decisions’. Using my best drawl…'that’ll learn ‘em’.” then I would agree that he functionally insulted right-wing board members.

I agree that his comment is incredibly crude and a mod note reminder to keep it clean was perfectly appropriate. I just don’t think that it violated the specific rule quote as desiring to punish someone in order to ‘teach a lesson’ does not strike me as a specifically conservative characteristic.

Are you suggesting without irony that the comment wasn’t directed at right-wingers? Context makes that extremely clear.

It clearly doesn’t, otherwise you wouldn’t have felt the need to re-work the sentence in your dolphins example.

I did so for brevity only. I could have also put it this way…

We argue about the Dolphins. I say in one sentence that Dolphins fans are unable to see flaws in their own team. Then in the next sentence I say that anyone who defends Ryan Fitzpatrick as a starting QB is an idiot.

I could play a game and pretend that I was not insulting all Dolphins fans, just people “in general” who defend Fitzpatrick. But it is clear what I meant by the first sentence leading to the other.

BwanaBob made it even clearer though, by saying in the first sentence that “the Right” only accepts issues based on “Old Testament - punishment methodology”. Then making the crude remark about ejaculating over the concept of “punishing those who made poor decisions”.

Arguing that the comment wasn’t directed against right-wing people is like saying “DIE BART DIE” is in German and not a threat at all. (Simpsons reference for those unfamiliar.)