Books like Forever War

I’ve enjoyed Marko Kloos’ Frontlines series.

I don’t mean to bump this thread, but I’m returning to thank everyone for these suggestions. I finally got to read Old Man’s War and I loved it. I’ll probably read more John Scalzi before going onto the other suggestions here, but it’s a great start.

That book was very similar to a Haldeman book – good, straightforward writing, good story, pretty hard SF, and a rushed, but happy, ending.

I am a lifelong sci-fi fan but one thing I have found I hate with most sci-fi/fantasy are the endings. Very few do them well. Many are downright bad. Not sure why (bad writers, bad editing, time constraints, limits on length…I dunno).

I think they spend a lot of time on the concepts and implications, and when they’re done exploring that, want to move on to the next idea.

Falkenberg – Jerry Pournelle (the last two books co-written by S M Stirling)

Just get The Prince and you’ll have all of them. If they appeal, move on to the War World anthologies.

Late to the party here…

but if you like Haldeman, check out All My Sins Remembered. I think it is as good as Forever War.

And see if you can track down the “alternate middle” of Forever War titled “You Can Never Go Back”. It is in his collection Dealing In Futures.

I think I may have read everything Haldeman has written, including All My Sins Remembered (which I loved) and that collection.