books, movies etc. that play with history

'Little Big Man" and “Return of Little Big Man”

Everything by Alexander Dumas. (The Three Musketeers has already been mentioned.)

“It is permitted to rape history, as long as you make her beautiful children…”

There are just too many of these – virtually all Time Travel stories during known history (kin addition to the above, consider L. Sprague de Camp’s Lest Darkness Fall and Robert Silberberg’s Up the Line and Michael Moorcock’s Behold the Man, among a great many others) and Alternate History novels (Many of these beside s Harry Turtledove’s books – and he’s practically a one-man industry)
One particularly cute example is James Hogan’s The Proteus Incident. It’s the only time-travel novel I know of where the author actually got permission from the surviving individuals to use them as characters in his story.

[Slaps forehead] Disney’s Pocahontas.