Books You Read When Younger For "Dirty Bits"

I have some steamy memories of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, which I found in the garage and devoured in secret. :eek:

Oh yeah - I owe Stephen King a lot. Only, you try looking up words like “orgasm” and “sodomized” in the dictionary if you don’t already know what they mean. It’s completely useless. Particularly when the World Book Encyclopedia, which with Stephen King and some Sidney Sheldon books I looted from my mom’s shelves is where I learned everything I knew about sex, had no mention of the female orgasm. At all. Whatsoever. (The male one was covered, of course.) I also got some very confusing messages about anatomy from the “Painting” article, let me tell you.

I remember reading the James Bond novels as a lad and finding some scenes…interesting.

I remember cleaning out my uncle’s stuff (he’d left it with us for ten years and never came back for it, so we wound up throwing much of it out) and taking the copy of The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
The Journey to the West has some very nice bits. Half the monsters want to eat Sanzang; the other half want to sleep with him.
There’s a pretty good scene between Raven and Y.T. in Snow Crash. Neuromancer is yummy, too. Molly, mmm, Molly. =D

Yep. Especially The Pirate.

Again, Dangerous Visions, the anthology by Harlan Ellison.

Contained a tale entitled “In the Barn” by Piers Anthony. Hoo-boy!Guy travels to an alternate Earth to investigate human rights abuses, and finds that the dairy industry uses human females as milk cows…specially bred with huge breasts for maximum milk production, and capacious birth canals for easy breeding/delivery. The guy has to milk the cows, breed them, etc. Quite, quite graphic.Re: Hamilton:

It’s “Tender Cousins”, a photo journal of the film of the same name–rather humorous, actually (the film, I mean). Oh, and you can still find some of his books in “reputable stores,” (B&N comes to mind) as well as on Amazon (although most are out of print these days…but often worth much more than their cover price). Check “25 Years of an Artist,” if you’re inclined to have an current opinion rather than a distant memory. Lots of landscapes and still-lifes as well as his signature portraits. Don’t know why you’d worry about your hard-drive. All perfectly legal (although some people–like Randall Terry, most recently the mouthpiece of Terri Schaivo’s parents–think it shouldn’t be), and much classier than porn…if you even want to make that comparison, which personally I wouldn’t.

Slaughterhouse Five – I musta read that thing a dozen times in junior high, but all I remember about it is the ‘dirty’ parts, and the fact that they removed it from the library later because it had those parts.

Lady Chatterly’s Lover - my ten-year-old eyes just about popped out of my head. “Grown-ups get all the fun! They get to drink alcohol - and they get to talk in Dorset dialect about private parts!”

For Dorset, read…Nottingham?

Gulliver’s Travels.

Mostly the Brobdingrag scenes…

In 7th grade, every girl in my class room had a copy of Flowers in the Attic, and any other book by V. C. Andrews. Damn, those were messed up.

Forever by Judy Blume. I remember seeing some girls passing it around in junior high, and refusing to let me see it. So of course I immediately procured myself a copy. I pretty much dog-eared that book out of existence.

I had read lots of my parents paperback trash before, but this was different. Even as a male I had always identified with Blume’s characters, so I figured that this was what it really must be like. I was a geeky little fellow, and I much preferred accurate erotica over stylized erotica, I guess.

Hey…I recognize that thread…

I’m with FinnAgain, as far as books of the non-overtly-pornographic variety. Jean M. Auel’s books had plenty o’ dirty bits. Not so much in Clan of the Cavebear (the only sex was a rape), but The Valley of Horses, The Mammoth Hunters, and The Plains of Passage had plenty. I haven’t read The Shelters of Stone yet…

Legal, yes, but I stand by my original description of the content, and it’s not something I’d care to have to explain to my wife. Or boss. Eroticism vs. pornography is probably a subject for a less light-hearted thread, but I’ll note only that Mr Hamilton’s site {I checked it out at home} is pay-per-view.

Darbyshire, I think.

I stole my mom’s copy of The Thornbirds when I was 12.

In my edition (hardcover) it was page 28. I think it was 38 in paperback. :wink:

You slogged through Huxley’s turgid prose in search of illicit horniness? I’m impressed. Horrified, but impressed.

Word. V. C. Andrews was better than teeny bopper magazines for horny 12-year-old girls. I actually read that tripe, but folded down the pages with dirty bits for my less literate friends.

Judith Krantz’s Princess Daisy. The first chapter features the father of the title character being introduced to sex by a voluptuous friend of his mother’s. And oh, man, was that scene hot hot hot when I was boiling in my adolescent hormone stew.

I also remember The Godfather being pretty exciting.

Yes! Just the one I was thinking of! The girl in front of me in biology class in 7th grade I was very interrested in, in a confused, pubescent-sort-of-way. She had a copy of Flowers and showed me one of the more graphically racy scenes, then took it away… I remember having some very interresting private fantasy moments for the next few days…