Bork falls down stairs, sues Yale Club for $1M

Now I’ve got a mental image of Robert Bork in a swan outfit.

Thanks a lot!

you mean that Bork is bringing the suit merely as a negotiating ploy? Maybe tort reform isn’t such a bad idea after all.

I don’t have any idea what is reasonable and that doesn’t change anything. I do know that I had a helicopter ambulance ride to Bakersfield and spent three days in the hospital and the total, including an angiogram and other doctors fees, was about $60000. Something in that order of magnitude would seem more like it.

An amount that could be justified by a detailed itemization.

For some reason, I doubt that his expenses totalled up to exactly $1,000,000.00. Just a hunch. :slight_smile:

True dat. But that doesn’t negate the reality that he’s suing for an amount that he’d probably not be able to sue for, under his proposed reforms. If he’s using the possibility of an award for pain and suffering as a negotiating ploy - which ploy he’d be deprived of under his proposed reforms - he’s still taking advantage of that which he’d deprive others of.

I’ve seen Bork interviewed and as one of a panel on TV several times. My impression of him is that he’s an egotistical, patronizing prick of the highes order.

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