Branding, Copyright, True Stories & The Law

Until we get a clear, detailed plan on how exactly the OP plans to mention or use references to the film, I cannot agree with your analysis.

Using X’s promotional material to comment on or promote X’s movie is clearly okay. Beyond that there’s no way to give a hard answer without knowing exactly what’s going on.

If I decide to make a movie about the Titanic and my Kickstarter page is nothing but stills, clips from and references to James Cameron’s “Titanic,” there’s a real possibility of a false association claim.

I agree that the OP hasn’t been perfectly clear about his intent, and as the example in my second paragraph showed, we agree that a misuse of studio promotional materials would be problematic.

But since he seems to be discussing a fan site, and not another movie, I stand by my posts.

It would be nice if the OP would return and clarify his plans.