Brylcreem -- A little dab'll do ya

Er…I think you might be using too much. I use gel in my hair, and that’s to avoid the frizziness…I rub it between my palms and scrunch up my hair with it. I have naturally tight, perfect curls; the gel just causes them to stay in shape and not fall out or become frizzy or static-y. And as I run my fingers through my hair, I must say it’s still silky soft and nice to the touch. I certainly don’t have the oil slick look…not that I ever could, with my hair.

Cluricaun has it right; just what the ad says: A little dab’ll do ya. I started using it a couple of years ago as an alternative to hair spray to keep little frizzies from my hair. Works better than conditioner for me.

Oh yeah, it’s truly a minimalist product. Even a dime sized portion is enough to make one look rather like they didn’t wash their hair this month.

Another decent one that you don’t see to much anymore is called “Top Brass”

Tell your boyfriend that real dandies never hold their moustaches up with sock garters.

Are sleeve garters okay? (The risk of looking like the extra in a bank in a Western who’s about to get robbed notwithstanding.)

I used it on my mohawk when I was a kid. I finally settled on a mixture of shaving cream and aquanet.

If you’re really serious about hair control, forget about all that cream and gel stuff. When I was a kid, we had something called Butch Wax – I can’t remember if that was the brand name or the generic name. It had the consistency of, well, wax. It could keep a strand of hair up in a high wind and was de rigeur if you had a flat top. I remember getting yelled at by my Grandmother when I was in the car and accidentally lay my head against the window.

Look in the hair care isle wherever it is you shop, and you’ll find more wax available than in the candle isle. It ranges from things that cannot possibly by actual wax, since they have the consistancy of mayonnaise to things that seem to need a flame set under them before use they’re so, well, waxy. IMHO, Paul Mitchell makes a really nice wax that does a great job with both hold and texture. A little thicker, but still nice is organic bees wax. That has the added benefit of smelling like beeswax too.

This thread makes me think about the fact that I have waaaay too many hair care products going on in my life.

Ugh, my dad uses it when he ‘dresses to impress’ - although I think he’s only gone through 2 or 3 tubes in my lifetime :rolleyes: . The smell of Brylcreem still haunts me.

My grandpa used to (still does?) use Groom and Clean.

When I had a pixie cut, I used to use a nice pomade. Damned if I can remember the brand though.

Back in the early 60’s my dad used Brylcreem. And Gleem brand toothpaste. The tubes were the same size and the colors & logos were similar looking. One sleepy morning …

He stopped using Brylcreem after that; said the taste was truly unforgettable.

I had Brylcreem forced on me as a kid. I had a burr haircut until I was in the 2nd grade, then I told my parents I wanted hair. So I got hair, with Brylcreem. Luckily, about that time, there was an ad campaign for some hair tonic and the catch phrase was “The Natural Look”. It might have been the source of the “greasy kids stuff” line, too. Anyway, it made it clear that the '50s grease look was out and I got to quit using Brylcreem. Hooray! I have a bottle of Vitalis still in my medicine cabinet, left over from some of my grandfather’s stuff. And some Old Spice, Lavoris, stuff like that. I have a real “retro” bathroom, with razor strops hanging on the wall, shaving cups and brushes, and straight razors I made into a shadow box display. But now I don’t have any hair to speak of, maybe it was the Brylcreem all those years ago that made it fall out.

My girlfriend firmly believes this to be a true fact. Every time I resort to some of my industrial lubricant hair products, she insists that this is why my hair is falling out, due to clogged follicles.