bullets underwater

I’ve been in the RCMP crime lab and saw a demonstration of one of those water tanks. It was about 4.5 ft deep and about 8-10 ft long. The technician fired the gun into the water at an angle and retrieved the bullet with tongs, pretty much intact (except I would agree with duffer about hollow-points - I would think they would expand due to the density of the water). The only markings on the bullet would be from the gun barrel. They didn’t have a separate tank for long guns, so I assume that the 8-10 ft length was enough to slow down a bullet fired from any gun.

The Teeming Millions are also discussing this sport: Okay, Vermonters, get your asses in here and explain

Yeah, Graham Greene is pretty convincing on cable access channels about forensic science.

It is true that the cite you mention says that. But that is a misleading statement when applied to the whole article. It also says that sound travels faster and louder through water but not better. It explains how the sound waves are more compact in a solid media as opposed to air…and most importantly from your cite.

No offense intended C/M but I had to know. I can hear a quiet tap on the bottom or side of a swimming pool from a long way. :slight_smile: