Bumping threads

What is the ettiquette for thread bumping here? There are a couple of threads I find interesting that seemed to have died, and i’d like to bump 'em up in hopes of getting responses.

Is this cool as long as I don’t make a pest of myself doing this all the time? I promise to do it no more than once per thread, and only on threads I find really interesting.

BTW, none of the threads I’m thinking of were started by me. I’ve done this to one thread already and am thinking of doing it to two more if that’s cool.

In general, if you only do it a couple of times, no one is going to get too worked up. (If the only posts after several days are your bumping posts, I would let it die gracefully.)

The usual protocol, here, has been to simply post a question such as “Has anyone come up with any [more] information on this?” or something similar. If you have information to add, it is always welcome. (Well, nearly always: resurrecting an acrimonious thread from last June simply to post a spelling correction will not win you any friends.)

The LBBB habit of simply submitting the word “bump” won’t get you run out on a rail, but it is not our custom.


{{The LBBB habit of simply submitting the word “bump” won’t get you run out on a rail, but it is not our custom.}}

It might make a mod grit his/her teeth, though.

Tom’s right, ask if anyone has any new information or thoughts since the last post. And do so very sparingly, please.


Here’s a thought. Say you dig up some ancient thread that you find interesting and want to add your two cents (and not just a stupid spelling correction or a “me too”). If it’s really old (3 mos? 6 mos?), instead start a new thread, and put the old one as a link, and say something like “Remember talking about xxx in this thread yyyyy ? Well, I wanted to add zzz.” Thus you recessitate the topic but don’t inflame the masses by putting some old (potentially gone) poster’s name back at the top of the board.

Just a thought.

While rooting around in TSD attic, I came across a thread that I started a few months ago. This topic was fairly popular in its time and since there have been many new members to the board (not to be confused with board members), I posted to it once more causing it to jump back to the top of the list of topics. As I had hoped, many of the new posters took the bait and the thread drew 10 or 15 more replies. IMO, this is preferable to another member starting a whole new thread on the same topic.

That was my good deed for the day :slight_smile:

It’s not a black and white issue.

Starting a new thread with a link to the older one works often, but, we have a lot of non-clickers here who will fail to visit the old thread and just rehash a lot of what’s already been said.

Possibly posting a quote from the old thread on a new one will suffice for your purposes at times.

There are other times when a discussion died at a point where a few posters had made comments that really should be seen for anyone to appreciate the light in which you reapproach the question. In that case you may be justified in bumping the post, if you think you can’t do it justice by rewriting the scenario yourself.

And there are the more utilitarion threads, such as the get together threads, which typically take quite a few bumps before things gel (if you ever get to Houston, Tuba, we’ll have a party for you).

My unofficial thoughts.

You can’t win. If you bump the thread people complain. If you start a new one people complain that you’re an idiot for just not reading the old one.

[uh oh did i just bump this thread :)]

utilitarian (sigh)

Anyway, normally I don’t repost over a minor glitch (No, I ain’t talkin’ about Glitch’s kid - the typo), but it occurs to me that another consideration is the length of the elderly thread. Don’t reawaken a 250 post thread for rediscussion - try to capture its soul in an OP. Definitely don’t reawaken said monsters for a quip - just recognize that as an opportunity lost.

Gotta echo beatle here: if it’s dead and you are only being cute, let it die. If you have a whole new slant on the argument, start a new thread with a link. Especially if it’s a very long one.

If I see a thread with 150 posts or more I automatically figure I can’t add anything new at this point unless it’s a current “hot” thread or I’ve been gone for a week or two. The “Guy stuff thread” would be an example of a “hot” thread with a lot of posts that was consistently getting hits. It was awakened sometimes up to a week later and that seemed to be okay.

Digging through the archives and posting under “how cute is your user name” would be one I would just start over. That particular idea seems to be re-born about every two months without a reference to a past thread since it is such an on-going topic.

Great! No definitive yes or no answer! I would suggest just using your best judgement.


Voted most sex obsessed. (Yeah, blow me smart ass!)

At the risk of setting a trend for the LBBers…

When I saw this I just couldn’t resist.



This may be a little more difficult than I thought. No risk of it catching on, so here is another attempt.



http://www.iconbazaar.com /alphabets/animated/babyface/bf_m02.gif


Well, maybe that will work.

One more try.

http://www.iconbazaar.com /alphabets/animated/babyface/bf_m02.gif

I can’t figure out why that last one didn’t work. If this doesn’t work, it just wasn’t meant to be. Does anybody see the error up there?









You children put that bandwidth right back where you found it this instant!

Beatle, I think you hit the points I tried to make, but much better.

Don’t revive old threads just to make an inane remark, silly one-liner, typo correction, etc. Don’t revive old threads that are long (over 100 posts) if there’s a way to capture the essence of the post in a summary.

If it’s old and long, a link or a summary is better than reopening an old thread. Why? Because you will find a handful of unregistered posters - people who have since left. And then some ninny - er, newbie - will respond to one of their comments hoping to get a dialogue. Or you’ll just bump some want to forget name to the top of the board and scare everyone into thinking the person returned.

So it is a judgment call. That’s why I’m pointing out issues to think about to make the judgment.

Of course a few threads it is acceptable to bump to keep current, such as planning the get togethers.

Freedom, Cabbage BAD!

If you missed tomndebb’s point, unless either of you owns www.iconbazaar.com , or that site says explicitly it is okay to post from, you’re stealing bandwidth. That’s a no-no. There’s a thread on that around here somewhere. (If I’m wrong on the caveats, sorry.)

Of course another point is posting images from other sites delays the load time for the thread.

What if the thread you want to revive was over 22 years abandoned?

Ooo, meta.

Well obviously then you don’t. But I guess you could ask.

Tell us what the thread was.