Bush Set to Veto Kids' Health Insurance

Heck no, who could be offended at being called a bunch of lying, back-stabbing, hypocritical, crazy fuckwits? Think nothing of it!

Do you think that Limbaughesque glurge bolsters your argument? I don’t think RTF’s characterization of your post was too off base. And even if your analysis was spot on, it was nothing more than your own personal opinion. Where you got that huge strawman of a response is beyond me…

The trouble with that approach is that Bush and all the others are trying to apply some kind of splint to the present system to get by.

According to this site Canada’s per capita health costs were a little over $1800 (US) per year as compared to our per capita figure of $3300 for the same year.

Let’s pretend like we do something rational, like emulate Canada. Taking the US population as 300 million and using total US income tax collections as about $4.5 trillion we would need a surcharge on income tax of about 12% for everybody. Our $2000 a year taxpayer would pay about $240 a year extra tax for health care. That extra tax might hurt a little but but in return you get the peace of mind from knowing that your health costs are covered. True the guy paying taxes of $10 million would be paying 1.2 million for his but I doubt that would cramp his lifestyle all that much.

Lot’s of anti government health plan people in the US point to horrible waits for service in Canada and other supposed failures. We had a thread not too long ago asking Canadians for comments on their system and I didn’t hear much complaining from them.

This post speaks for itself in such a way that no rebuttal is necessary.

Or possible.

How about if you personally pay the insurance for a half-dozen or so, just straight from your pocket and the goodness of your heart. Wouldn’t that be fair?

Proving what? A Rolls-Royce costs more than a Yugo.


It’s interesting how Rtf is so dismissive of my attributions of motivations yet so attached to the ones he makes, like the one you quote above.

Can you say “cognitive dissociation?”

I knew you could.

Are you really serious that the medical care for all in the US is a Rolls compared to the Canadian care for all being a Yugo?

I strongly suspect that you say that from a position of comfortable circumstances with good health insurance…

Most of the Canadian posters seem happy with their health care. Are they a bunch of deluded naifs?

It’s pretty much the mindset of the socialist worldview. Problems with the riff-raff are out of sight and out of mind. It is easier to toss a few bucks into the well and leave the work of charity to someone else than to take the effort required of genuine caring onto one’s own shoulders. Wrap this flippant disregard for the suffering of others in stenchful mounds of touchy-feely psycho-babble and you have the modern American “liberal” manifesto.

It has often been said that Straight Dope is not representative of the population at large.

Until someone can explain why those numbers are different, I’m reluctant to give that much weight. As I used to tell my lab partners all the time: never accept data that isn’t backed up by a good theory.

Huh? The entire federal budget is “only” about $2.3T, so how do you get income tax collection of $4.5T?

You guys slay me! You peer into the minds of people you don’t even know, and take inventory! You know what evil lurks in the hearts of liberals, because, after all, how can they be sane and sincere and yet disagree?

Please post your Certificate of Omniscient Telepathy, so we can be reassured you are not talking out of your asses.

Can you say “cite” v. “no cite”?

Because that’s kinda what this board is about.

As a matter of fact, I did cite by referencing Liberal’s post where he quotes you directly.

But more importantly, No!


Cites are not what this place is about no matter how much of aknee- jerk reflex it is to ask for them.

any monkey can ask for a cite, and pretty much any monkey can provide one.

The ability to provide a cite in support of a given proposition has no bearing on the validity of that proposition.

If this place is supposed to b about anything it’s critical thinking, not cites.

I don’t see you ponying up with cites concerning your attributions of motivations like I and liberal have cited. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so listen up Kreskin; until and unless you’re willing I reveal the source of your mind reading abilites don’t ask about the source of mine.

Lots of mindreading going on here, from the looks of it. :wink:

It’s no great trick no matter how amazing it may seem to you.

Liberals are to Bush as wile e. Coyote is to the Road Runner.

You don’t have to read minds to know that the coyote is going to shop at acme

I wasn’t interested in wading through an old, long article looking for the facts you’re trying to cite. But I did reload the page ten times and each time the giant advertisement was for a pharmaceutical company.

The eleventh time it was for a tire company, so the article was more credible that time.

Maybe you should have read my post yourself.

That’s because you didn’t read my post yourself.

Did that days ago. You’ve got some catching up to do.