Bush's Whitehall Palace Speech--opinions?

Incorrect, DtC. America is a Christian nation with a secular government. Any country with an overwhelming majority of its citizenry practicing Christianity is, by definition, a Christian nation.

If I described Egypt as a Muslim nation, nobody would contradict me, despite the sizable presence of religious minorities there.

The overwhelming majority of theis country is also white. Does that make it a “white” country?

This is not a “Christian” country. Sorry.


I like it better when he drools and gibbers and reinforces the impression that he’s a blithering idiot.

I have to admit that he comes off as downright articulate here. Wrong and dangerous but articulate.

Even have to credit him with a sense of humor.

Sounds like a pretty good speech to me. Whats the problem?? I’m still not voting for the man, but I almost wish I had of tuned in to see it now.


HHmmm… only read the piece the OP put… and I didn’t like it. Reasons:

This type of argument has been popping up all the time… and its plain silly. So why not “liberate” North Korea… Africa and Pakistan ? I’m happy for the Iraqi… but what about the rest of the scared world.

Oh… so the UN is weak and the USA must save them from irrelevance. Its the US that is trying to make them irrelevant ! The fact that the Oval Office gets to play security council all on its lonesome isn’t dangerous at all… ?

Then he goes to accuse Europe of being too multilateral (and that they were a step away from fascism). Never mind that the US was pro-Hitler and isolationist at that time.

So he basically accuses europeans of supporting the Palestinians and being anti-semitic in the same phrase ? Nice move. Stop being anti-muslim yourself Bush.

Simple Summary:  UN and multilaralism are irrelevant without "action". Europe is nice... but not right. Stop loving palestinians... and hating Israel.

Since “whiteness” doesn’t significantly affect personal and public character and morality, and the structure of society and the fovernmental and nongovernmental organizations that operate within it, I’d have to say no.

Or at least, that such a description is trite and doesn’t begin to address fundamental notions of American history and character.

If you think such a description is closer to true, have at it. Calling America a white country makes you sound like a Klansman, though.

Just the normal crap, fwiw he had some real competition just a few hundred yards down the road. The main opposition party has a new leader and it was PMQ’s at lunchtime today – it was back to the most exciting level of exchange.

This was gladiatorial stuff of the finest standard for which even Blair was on the back foot at times:

Bush was the second act and even at his very best, it was just another speech other people wrote for him. Maybe his delivery has improved - and his ability to not rely on an autocue so often - but it’s still other peoples’ words delivered without the crucial rebuttal or questioning.

According to the American Religious Identification Survey,

81% of all Americans identify themselves with a particular religion


77% of all Americans identify themselves as Christian.

This was in 2001. http://www.religioustolerance.org/chr_prac2.htm

And calling America a Christian nation makes you sound like someone ignorant of the Bill of Rights.

Just wanted to point that out. :slight_smile:

A Sikh isn’t an Hindu.

Wow, I can’t believe I made so many mistakes in one sentence- ouch!

But it still stands that Sikh’s are definately not considered “people of the book” that would subcribe to the Judeo-Christian (and arguably Muslim) form of monotheism and cosmology. I believe most Christians would find the idea of “souls merging with God” to be a false view of heaven and perhaps even heritical (I’ve head plenty of people get down on Mormons for believeing that man and God could ever be equivelent). The Sikh concept of an afterlife seems to most resemble the Hindu concept, anyway. Kalpana Chawla, if she did reach her religion’s higher goal, isn’t hanging out with Jesus in the clouds, she’s ceased to exist as an individual and merged into a form of God that Christian’s definately don’t believe in. Certainly not any concept of “home now” that we have.

In any case, there was no reason to bring religion into things, and in this case it was blatantly ignoring the religious beliefs of a specific individual because it was just so damn important to talk about Jehovah in that speech. What if we had a Christian American die on an Indian flight and the Indian Prime Minister started running off at the mouth about how they hope she escaped samsara or at least ends up reincarnated in a good life? It’s callous to the family, it’s rude to the other nations, and it is completly unnceccesary unless you have some wierd little agenda that you can’t let go of long enough to make one little speech.

You seem to have a bit of difficulty understanding rhetorical questions, Mr. Moto.

It wasn’t that long ago that “whiteness” was thought to “significantly affect personal and public character and morality, and the structure of society and the fovernmental [sic] and nongovernmental organizations that operate within it”. You remember? Racism, and all that?

And if you think that the concepts of “blackness” and “whiteness” don’t “begin to address fundamental notions of American history and character”, then I don’t think you have much understanding of your country’s history. Civil war? Civil Rights Movement? Martin Luther King? Anything like that ring a bell?

And finally your statement “Calling America a white country makes you sound like a Klansman, though.” is a ridiculous “I’m rubber, you’re glue” argument. It might work when dealing with fourth graders, but we try to aim a bit higher here.

Well we have seen the speeches he’s been making for the past few years. This was a vast improvement, to be honest.

According to the liberal nutjobs I’ve had to put up with over the years, yes, it does. That’s why there’s no “white history month”.

Aww poor Dogface. This is clearly a sore spot for you. How about you organise your own white history month?

I thought Bush’s speech was fairly well delivered but relatively meaningless until he backs up his words with actions. Bush needs to hold Israel accountable for it’s actions by making sure all illegal settlements and outposts are dismantled and not let Israel continuously defy international law. Bush should exert pressure on Israel by withholding all foreign aid until Israel starts to obey international law.

On a separate note, it looks like terrorists are starting to attack British targets with car bombs just like they threatened to.Another pair of car bombs just went off in Instanbul outside a bank and the British Consulate killing another 25 people. So here’s to you Mr. Blair, and the one fine mess you’ve gotten your country into.

There is something decidedly wrong when France and Germany agree on something, here loving Arafat or hating the US. That’s never good.

Don’t dare him to liberate North Korea. Seriously. I have a stock portfolio to think about. Gulags? What gulags?

Neither does religion.

Actually, I shouldn’t say religion doesn’t affect those things at all but it doesn’t affect them any more than race does.

It was my understanding that all presidential speeches were public domain… Anybody willing to confirm?