Butt-Hurt Trump Takes to Twitter Again

Sorry. Forgot that.

Still worth chiding, though

I’m perfectly fine with having him locked up in a mental institution for the rest of his life instead of a jail cell, especially if we can put a Nurse Ratched-type in charge of his treatment.

Surely none of us believe he’d ever admit to mental defects?

Well, not when’s he’s in his right mind, maybe he wouldn’t…

Not sure can claim insanity when your insanity are things that 70+ million people believe.

It worked for The Chin for decades.

But I suppose $45 is too interested in appearing good to appear unshaven in a bathrobe in public.

Aww, poor baby having another Trumper tantrum.

Some of the replies on this one are golden :slight_smile:

This was in the replies.


I just like that, despite scrolling a decent ways in, I didn’t see any pro-Trump posts, other than one fake media guy pimping his channel. That’s very different than what I used to see on Trump posts.

Well, that and Trump is whining about how no one is paying attention to him. That’s a good sign that the “Trump becomes irrelevant” is in full swing.

An itsy-bitsy teeny-weenie nod in the direction of reality:

You know he didn’t write that.

So help me, that’s the very first thing I thought, too.

No doubt he’s sitting in a corner of his bedroom somewhere, sucking his thumb and crying hysterically.

Or rage-eating “cheeseberders”.

LOL, that’s an even worse visual than mine. :smiley:

But at least it represents economic activity which could enhance the lives of such Washington DC McDonalds’ owners and employees as might have been involved.

We must all spare them a thought as January 20 looms: after that date their level of prosperity must, inevitably, take a nosedive.

Has he ever used the word nevertheless in his life?

Or rage-eating “cheeseberders”.

Trump ate MacCheeseberders. Obama liked Five Guys. Wonder what Biden’s diet-breaker will be?

He seems like a White Castle kind of guy, but they don’t have any locations in Delaware.

According to the Onion, it was Dave & Buster’s, but he ain’t allowed in there no more.