Buying an apartment in the US

By “rugs” I assume you mean things like area rugs? Because I would assume that installed, full-room carpeting would stay with the house or apartment by default.

Of course, it’s possible that when selling a house or apartment, the seller says, I want to take that chandelier (perhaps it’s inherited). But as you said, they need to make that clear in the property listing. I’ve heard of buyers showing up surprised to find all of the light fixtures gone, or even just all of the light bulbs taken (which might make it difficult to move in).

Correct, Broadloom or wall-to-wall carpet vs an area rug that is not sized to the room or attached to the floor.

The guy we bought our house from took the bathroom mirror from the basement. We were annoyed but enough to bring it up to the agent.

For Norway there is a list. Unless otherwise specified, the following is included with the home:

  • appliances are only included if specified
  • wall to wall carpets
  • heat sources
  • TV parabolas, cable boxes etc.
  • everything attached in the bathrooms
  • wardrobes
  • kitchen countertops, attached or free standing
  • awnings
  • light sources
  • a lot of other similar stuff I won’t list here

My brother bought a house and discovered, on moving in, that the previous owners had taken the banister off the stairs. Which I’m certain is not legal, but once it’s gone, what are you going to do?

Sue the previous owner for the cost to replace it.

Certainly I’d mention it to your real estate agent, who can talk to the seller’s agent, who can talk to the seller. Perhaps they can refund some money to cover the cost of replacing the bannister?

Oh it was years ago, that ship has long sailed.

When I bought my current residence the seller asked if we wanted to keep the dining room chandelier or could he take it with him? It was IMO ghastly, but he was really attached to it. So we happily agreed to have him take it since the darn thing was huge too & would have been a PITA to remove and dispose of. That’s what I call “win-win” negotiating.

Which agreement was one of the many niggledy details written into the sales contract.

When I was looking to buy a place 18 months ago(ish) I saw a place where I loved the dining room chandelier. I asked if it was part of the sale price and was told it was not but could be negotiated.

I didn’t buy that place so never went further on that but the point is you can certainly ask and negotiate anything.

I will say I assume appliances (the major ones…oven/stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and laundry) are part of the deal unless explicitly told otherwise. It seems there is some question here so just ask.