CA gun show draws 10,000 people ‘getting ready for the next revolution’

What’s up with AR-/AK-type weapons? I wanna buy a pre-64 Winchester M-70 in 30-'06 and 2-screw ruger single-action in .357. magnum :smiley:

And your posts continue to prove mine. Fuckwit.

I didn’t say the people who bought those rifles did so for that motivation, you retard. I said people who go on shooting sprees who want to look the part do, because they know shrieking harpies like you will flip the fuck out about it and give them the infamy they crave.

I’ll go further. My ownership of guns has never caused anyone harm. However, the reason people go out like this instead of just shooting themselves is because they crave the infamy, they want to be noticed and remembered and go out with a bang. The fact that you give them that infamy, and the next potential person who might snap and kill people knows that they’ll get that infamy, is far more responsible for these sorts of shootings than anything I’ve done. You sick fuck.

Gentlemen, gentlemen. Gunsmithing and collecting are hobbies befitting the finest males in the planet (meaning gentlemen.) That being the case we must prove to our detractors that we are precisely that.

If you wanted to change the national attitude toward guns, you’d be making the same argument about all military-style weapons, not just singling out people who buy AR-15s as “sick fucks” just because one particular Armalite brand name has become imbued with a magical evil aura now that one person decided to kill a bunch of kids with one. That is the “moral transmutation” I was referring to – the bizarre insistence that buying brand X becomes unacceptable only when brand X has been used to do something bad.

Alternatively, we could realize that the mere availability of guns doesn’t magically generate acts of violence without the presence of many men who are willing to use those guns to evil purpose. A nation rife with starkly divided cultures, social inequality, urban poverty, fearmongering, and a media that elevates and glorifies violence can expect little less. It’s not guns we as a nation fetishize: it’s the violent solution, the zero accountability, the quick fix.

There are those of us who believe we can make our society less violent without altering our tradition of the armed citizenry.

Assuming they believe Obama is going to come take their guns soon, isn’t buying them a waste of money? Or do they seriously think they’re going to survive an armed standoff with the police?

The previous AWB only passed because it contained a provision to grandfather the guns that people already owned. So the hope here is that if they get the guns before a ban, they’ll be allowed to keep them, only new manufacture and importation will be banned.

Hence it’s even more retarded to say “they’re going to get the gun so soon after the massacre” as if that were some sort of character flaw. They’re acting fast because they have to. But even besides that, if they wait 6 months before buying the weapons are they suddenly not sick fucks?

In the novel “Trinity” the Protestant segment of the Northern Ireland population was armed to the teeth but discretely, through memberships in “shooting” and “gun clubs.” Maybe that concept will be developed here. Highly regulated but same result: people have guns.

Yeah? Well, so is “Oakminster.”

Okay, not yet

Sorry, but you’re totally off the rails here.

If people were buying it up because it was used in a shooting, then you’d be right. But they are most definitely not. They are buying them because (rightly or wrongly) they think their ability to do so is going to be restricted in the near future, and that by purchasing as many as they can, they are engaging in an act of patriotism.
As others have already said, the mere fact that a particular make/brand of gun was used in a horrible crime does not in any way indicate that those who purchase the same weapon somehow condone said crime.

Gorilla Sales Skyrocket After Latest Gorilla Attack

Wait, how does the second clause of that sentence follow from the first?

I’ll bet some people reacted to the election of Lincoln by buying more slaves. Sure, slavery was legal, there were boatloads (no pun intended) of slaves, slavery was in the Constitution, slavery was in the Bible. They had the law on their side. They had a controversial Supreme Court decision reaffirming that slaves had no rights. Yet in one decade, slavery was abolished because it was the right thing to do. Today, we look with contempt at the slave owners.

Someday, we’ll ban assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and other dangerous weapons that civilians have no business owning. Yes, there are boatloads of them out there. Yes, there was a controversial Supreme Court decision that went their way. Yet they will be banned because it is the right thing to do. Two hundred years from now, our descendents will look back at the gun owners of today the same way we look back at slave owners. The NRA will have as much relevance as the CSA does today.

So there are some fucking whackadoodles that love their big bad ass guns, and being the paranoid little twits that they are, go on a buying spree whenever a mass murder happens. They’re just proving the case against them. This is a battle that can’t be won today, but will be won someday.

Keep fucking that chicken, Bob.

Gun fetishists are weird little paranoids who engage in weird little paranoid fantasies. There are responsible gun owners out there and I wish they would step up and be part of the discussion, instead we get these little men who are desperate for some significance in their lives so they pursue their weird little paranoid fantasies.

My great great grandchildren will not be ashamed of me, unlike the gun nuts.

I don’t know, ask them, it doesn’t make sense to me either (something about the 2nd amendment). I think it’s as ridiculous as you do, I just think that fumster’s post makes even less sense.

Some fucking nutter killing 20 children is the best thing that ever happened to the gun industry.


These people remind me of the Weathermen, and might take a lesson. And I’m not at all sure how Constitutional armed resistance to the Federal government might be. Some kind of crime, isn’t it? Memory falters, but it rhymes with “reason”, yes?

I think Marlboro needs to get in on this, suffocate 20+ children in a tobacco factory fire, then the baboons will scream “Obama’s gonna take your cigarette’s away!”.

Just the break they need to drum up sales.