California-Legal AR 15 Question

That was just a snippet, next time try the entire dec.

But in fact they do= “state prerogative” . Give it up. You were wrong.

Why was the law Unlawful? Becuase the city had taken onto itself authority allowed only to the State of Ca, passed by a law-under the State Constitution, which gives the State the authority to overrule local laws.

Ah, that’s being disingenuous at best and obtuse at worst.

Any issue at all resolved by a court could be deemed constitutional, as the power to enact laws by definition ultimately lies with powers rooted in a constitution, whether it be federal or local. The issue with the San Francisco law lie with its preemption by state law, as you acknowledge, and had nothing to do with it being a violation of the state constitution on its face.

That the state law garnered its power from the constitution is not really relevant, every law on the books in California is rooted in the constitution enabling the legislature to pass it and the governor to sign it and the judiciary to enforce it.