CALLING ALL PRO-LIFE... I dare you to argue w. this

Just reserving a spot for later. Yes, I have read arguments. Yes Mahaloth, I am a bad speller, get over it. If you don’t like it, avoid my posts. And last time I checked, I was in 9th grade (seeing as how all the local Charter Schools only start in Highschool). Not a great difference, but much like the rest of your arguments, completely inaccurate.

So were you going to defend your position or whine about being picked on for your spelling. Then you issue a broad generalization that our arguments are inaccurate.

So have you taken HS biology yet? If not please come back after you have passed the class. Then maybe you will have the minimal comprehension of life science needed to address the issue.

If you don’t like getting your spelling picked on learn to spell.

It actually hurts to see arguments this bad made for my side of a debate I care about. Let’s just let this thread sink into oblivion, please?

Well said, Maru.


I’m a newbie and I just learned today what trolling was. Is there any chance the OP was trolling? Sure got me. I thought he’d finally solved one of the biggest debates. But my excuse is I’m a newbie.

If it’s not a baby, then you’re not pregnant.

SPOOFE Bo Diddly wrote:

I’m totally psyched about this abortion!

*Originally posted by msmith537 *

We had a long thread about this not long ago. IIRC the consenous of opnion was that there isn’t any great likelyhood of something being wrong with the resultant child.

An abortion is only usually taken before the fetus is really anything, so it doens’t really matter what it really is. I mean, when a fetus is very little, it’s almost identical to almost every other animal fetus.

And also, just cuz something is human doesn’t mean it shouldn’t die. By my count, we should all be dead by now, or at least most of us. It’s technology and a few reasonable people who are keeping us all alive right now. Without those reasonable people, nuclear winter wouldv’e killed all of us by now. If it weren’t for technology, about 5.9 billion of us would be dead from whatever defects we were born with.

And I quote, “A soul is not given, it is earned.” So, in conclusion, a fetus is just a collection of cells, and thus there is nothing wrong with destroying it if it saves something or someone that is already conciess and has a presence on this earth.

Uh, except in the case of abortions that are, you know, late-term. Y’know… late-term? As in… late-term?

Wait a minute, wait a minute… you first say that we should all be dead because technology would have killed us (I’m ignoring the obvious flaw in that argument, that flaw being it DIDN’T kill us), then you say that we would all be dead without technology.

Which is it? Is it technology that’s killing us, or technology that’s saving us?

That’s fabulous! It sounds like a television commercial!

Ahhh…9th grade. I remember. Sort of. You’re way wrong, your arguments are way oversimplified, your out to stir up some shit. It’s a lot of fun. I used to love it. Carry on.

Now, how about all the grownups who have come on and used arguments just as mind-numbingly simple to defend their positions? You want to talk about fetuses being unaware of their existence…I wonder about some of the folks on this board.


I’m pro-life, but I agree with everything you said.


I can’t wait until iodine poison reaches 10th grade biology. Maybe he’ll win the Nobel. :rolleyes:

Iodine, why even bother soliciting the “other side”? Clearly at the ripe old age of 15 you have it all figured out already.

FWIW, here’s some advice coming from a mom (having given birth to TWO balls of jello.): If it’s a touchy issue, bury your cockiness before proceeding with the debate.

9th grade? Impressive dialectic for one so young.

Very impressive dialectic.

I said that it was those few reasonable people keeping safe from our own technology. Maybe you should read the entire thing before you flame someone.

As for late-term abortions, i don’t agree with those. Those are the only ones that should be against the law.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is the “moment of conception”? Virtually all pro-lifers, IME, use the term, but I’ve never heard it defined.


I suspect that most pro lifer folks would consider the terms “moment of conception” and “fertilization” to be equivalent terms, at least for this kind of discussion.

When the sperm (23 chromosomes) makes contact with (and fuses with) the oocyte (23 chromosomes) , a unique single cell human zygote with 46 chromosomes is created. I think that is what TheVoiceofReason is referring to…

iodine, you don’t have an e-mail listed so I’m going to attempt to make this a mild hijack.

I agree with your side. I agree with almost none of your points. You are making pro choice look like a stupid position to hold, when frankly I consider it a quite educated one. Just not the way you do it. Mahaloth has a valid point, you ‘sound’ like you have no understanding of what you are trying to defend. Poke around and listen a bit, get a sense of the issue before diving in with poorly defendable blather.

You are making unintellegent points with poor spelling and grammar, here those all count against not only you, but your viewpoint. Which I share and would like to protect. However, with your poorly stated OP and poor back up I can’t. (I also can’t spell, which is why I normally stay out of things. I’d hate to ruin support for my cause because I look like an idiot.)

Why do I think pro choice is an educated viewpoint? Not because of any blistering half thought out screaming about religion or biology, but simply because most enlightenment comes with personal freedom and the acceptance that people are different from you.

Abortion is no small matter. However, it is an available alternative that can save some people a lot of heart ache and put them back in control of thier lives. It can hold them personally accountable for their actions. When all of the options are going to be rough, people need to have the freedom to make educated choices that are right for them. Not be controlled by what someone else says has to be right for them.

Now please, stop making me and one of my favorite causes look silly. I much prefer when the illogical people take up the opposite view.