Calling all Psychics- Where are all the missing kids? Where's Bin Laden?!

jjtm, one can appreciate the thought, but “for entertainment purposes only” is just another part of the psychic’s marketing of bs. It’s like saying “Hey people, we don’t guarentee results!”

Nobody who believes in psychic phenonema is going to believe there’s a problem until the wording is stronger. Something to the effect of:

“Most psychics are known to falisfy or provide misleading information for the purposes of taking money from customers. The information provided by a psychic has not proved in tests to be any more reliable than picking sentences at random or reading fortune cookies.”

There’s a monthly psychic fair about a mile from where I live. They always advertise with a big sign.

I’ve never understood–why do you need to advertise to psychics? They’d know where to go.

Found a link to a pg on their website:

Re: talking to the dead.

Homer: [describing Thomas Edison] And then he worked on a machine to communicate with the dead. Kind of a scary telephone, I guess. Or maybe he planned to just stick his head under the ground and yell.

Penn Gillette (of Penn & Teller; I may have misspelled his last name) said he didn’t understand why nobody really believes in fortune cookies. There are people who believe completely in horoscopes, runes, palm readings, tea leaves, tarot cards – so why not believe that an unseen force will see to it that you get a fortune cookie that you’d goddamn better pay attention to? (Penn & Teller, like many magicians, have tried to help educate the public about “psychic” chicanery.)

That’s Jillette. I like his line: “Real scientific breakthroughs are rarely first announced on TV chat shows by washed-up dancers.”