Can Democrats actually stop the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh?

Let ME explain this again. The FBI will investigate such allegations if instructed to do so by the President. That’s what happened with Anita Hill. And it could happen here and now, if the GOP hadn’t decided to march in lockstep opposition to the idea.

And her last few days have probably been pretty busy, what with her trying to keep herself alive in the face of multiple right-wing death threats. With so many deranged and dangerous right wing extremists looking to murder her, she’s probably had other issues to worry about than prepping to be grilled by her attacker’s buddies.

Let’s see: July, when she specifically said she didn’t want her claims to become public? Jeez, why didn’t she start preparing then?

Or Sunday, when she admitted to having written the letter, just ahead of being involuntarily outed? Why sure, she shoulda shifted gears into prep mode right away, and kept her nose to the grindstone as her life was turned upside down, as she was doxxed, as she got death threats and had to go into hiding.

Well, the least you could do is offer her a few days inside your patented Protection Force Field to enable her to safely prepare.

I don’t know that Kavanaugh did that. Neither do you. Neither does anyone except for Ford and Kavanaugh. Assuming we only count the time since she made her allegations public, she will have had the same amount of time as Kavanaugh will have had.

If she did not realize that by making these allegations public that she would very likely be asked to testify, she needs a better attorney. She still has three full days to prepare even if she wasted Tuesday, Wednesday, and today. I’m sure that there are groups that will pay for the overtime.

I don’t understand the question? “What if”? Then … I guess that would happen. Are you asking if I think they should, or should not? Or if I think it would reveal the truth of the matter? What’s the question here?

She has a few days. Three days. This “safety” shit is nonsense. Any public figure has cranks out there running their mouths and making threats. She has half of the country behind her and there is not even a good picture of her. Her lawyer could make one phone call and have a team of security at a nice hotel anywhere in the country.

This is political nonsense.

I know that Republicans are desperately trying to avoid investigating the issue. I know that if an investigation would clear Kavanaugh those same Republicans would be desperately trying to force the investigation forward. I’m capable of putting 2 and 2 together. And in this case 2+2 = rapist.

She wasted those days trying to stay alive in the face of multiple right-wing death threats. She’s wasted them fleeing her house, going into hiding… I suspect she’s had other things on her mind. Like the way Republicans are trying to destroy her life just for speaking the truth.

I’m at least passingly familiar with his retractions. You asked me to “explain the impact Trump’s lawyer changing his story has on Trump’s credibility.” I wasn’t sure if you were talking about Manafort or Guiliani or something else, so I wrote “I’m not sure of the specifics of what you’re referring to here”. Next time try using a name, or a cite or something if you want me to understand the specific incident(s) you’re vaguely referring to. I’m not going to read your mind.

Ford’s story has apparently been told in part by Ford herself and in part by her attorney. The inconsistencies there reflect badly on Ford’s story. If there’s a comparable situation between Trump and his lawyer, then they reflect badly on whatever story they’re trying to jointly tell too. Is that clear enough for you?

Yeah, she should’ve been preparing for this her whole life! What a stupid bitch! Didn’t even submit a decent headshot.

I suspect that if you had multiple people trying to murder you and your family you’d be pretty concerned. But your lack of concern for her wellbeing is very brave of you.

You can’t possibly know this, and it’s insane to claim that you do. You can believe her, you can say that you think she’s credible, but when you try to claim with certainty that she is “speaking the truth”, you wander off into fantasyland.

Manafor (a) isn’t a lawyer, and (b) isn’t Trump’s lawyer, so I didn’t realize you’d need that spelled out. The person who *is *Trump’s lawyer is Giuliani. Who has been in the news recently for the multiple embarrassing retractions he’s had to make. Which was the topic.

I think the story they’re trying to jointly tell is: No Collusion! I guess now you think that story’s falling apart (which I agree with).

Do you have a cite for this?

Then Republicans are also in fantasyland, because it’s clear from their behaviors that they think she’s telling the truth too.

here is one from your favorite news source:

and yes we cannot tell for sure who is sending the threats to her but I would guess they are not liberals.

A cite that she’d like to stay alive or a cite that she’s received death threats?

My mistake, turns out he did practice law. Withdrawn.

You think the people that wrote this to Ashley Kavanaugh were “not liberals”???

A cite that she has been unable to meet with her attorneys at a third party location since Sunday and that she has been acting like Bruce Willis in Die Hard in an attempt to “stay alive” as you have been implying. I guarantee that the DNC would pay for Secret Service-style security.

I don’t think he referenced Ashley Kavanaugh in his post at all (his post was 30 words long, so I may have missed it).