Can Doctors Prescibe Steroids Legally?


I know what you are saying dude but this is how I look at it.

Most the bad symptoms the good docs have give are from people with prolong or misuse of steroids. I am talking people that use steroids for years.

Anything is bad if you abuse it. Even ice cream. If you eat lots of ice cream everyday, after a while you are going to get fat and have the problems associated with that.

Look at alcohol if you drank a bottle everyday it is going to do some serious damage to you. Me on the otherhand don’t like to get drunk so I drink responsibly(don’t eat ice cream anymore :wink: ).

So that is where I am coming from if you do roids responsibly not very much and definetely not for very long, then I don’t think they are going to produce the bad side affects as explained in other post.

So I was thinking a doctor knowing that you would probably find a way to get them anyway it would better for him supply them “legally” so at least he could monitor you for any potential problems that may or may not arise.

At the risk of encouraging people, there is one very common, totally legal reason physicians will prescribe anablolic steroids for muscle enhancement:

HIV-related wasting.

It’s very successful, and AFAIK it works with minimal side effects - for those who have wasting in the first place. Unfortunately, within the gay community this success has encouraged people who don’t have HIV wasting to try to obtain steroids for enhancement purposes. Not a good idea. Intuitively, it makes sense to me - take a drug because you’re sick, and the drug works with few side effects. Take the same drug when you’re not sick, and suddenly you’ve got more side effects, perhaps because the drug’s not really treating anything. WAG here -but it seems pretty logical that you can be “overdosing” just by taking the drug when you don’t actually need it.

Do we have some biochemists out there who can shed some more light? I’m thinking about not only steroids, but opioids. My godmother, suffering chronic, debilitating pain, finds that codeine alleviates it without making her “floaty” or sleepy. I’ve taken codeine when my pain was not so bad, and it’s Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds time.


I’m in favor of drug decriminalization, so sure, steroid shouldn’t be illegal for adults to get. But no doctor is going to recommend them for you, because that would be malpractice.

Go out and take hormones if you want. Just don’t expect a doctor to help you, since they can have terrible side effects. And not just heart attacks and liver failure and macho stuff like that. There’s also the effects on your hormonal balance. Seriously, your testicles can shut themselves down. You wouldn’t want to effectively castrate yourself just to look a little more cut?

The thing is, once you stop taking them, your hormone levels are going to drop. And not drop to your normal level, but BELOW your normal level, because your bodies hormonal regulation will be messed up. It’s like if the government started handing out free cars from japan, all the domestic manufacturers are going to be put out of business.

So, you can’t just take them for a few weeks, bulk up, stop taking them, and keep the bulk. It doesn’t work that way. The only way to keep the muscle is to keep taking the steroid. Once you stop, your hormone levels drop below normal and you lose everything you gained.

Bill, I think you are sort of hung up on the word “illegal”. The way I see it, steroids are not illegal, but rather are a “controlled” substance, meaning that you can only get it if you have a note (read: prescription) from your doctor. Which is all you want anyway, I think.

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Ahhh you’re right. But see I have been doing some research. If you take this stuff called clomid, it takes you’re testerone level back to normal faster so you can keep your gains.

By the lemur866 you seem pretty smart about this stuff. Have you tried them before? If you have in the past, any suggestions? :smiley:

Bill-all these people are telling you that steroids are extremely dangerous, not to mention VERY addicting, physically. Are you SURE you wanna risk it?
Your funeral, dude.

Yea, but at least they will have to order an extra large casket. And I will be looking GOOD at the wake. :smiley:

Um, dude, no you won’t. TESTICLE SHRINKAGE…wanna risk it?

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There has been more than enough information in this thread to eradicate the OP’s (and others’) ignorance on this subject. Thanks for that.

If the OP chooses to demonstate stupidity by going despite the knowledge, well, I guess that’s his call.

But he’s going to have to do it somewhere else.

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