Can I buy dinner for a freegan?

I think freegans are pretty aware that if everyone were to become freegan, it would stop working (because who would throw out stuff?). It’s a mix of convenience, performance art, protest and opportunism, not something people consider a sustainable lifestyle others should adopt. Most freegans I have known are broke kids experimenting with different ways to live while finding a way to stay fed and entertained in a harsh economy. I don’t think anyone does it for long or really advocates for it. It’s just something bored and cash strapped young people like to try.

I would think you could approach this as an extension of being interested in his lifestyle. You chat with him about what he does, why he does it. Maybe slip in a question, “So if I wanted to buy you coffee or lunch sometime, would that be acceptable to you? What would you think about that?” It seems to me it’s only awkward to ask this if you are wanting this to be a date. Which is fine. But you might want to clarify for yourself first what you are actually asking him.

I guess the job offers just dried up after The Wild Bunch.

Also: To prevent wasting water flushing toilets after defecating, he recommends that freegans “dumpster dive some adult diapers and have a party where everyone straps one on and fills it up.”

Anyway, to answer the OP: Choose a specific restaurant and invite him there. (Or, given the sentence above, don’t.)

I don’t like the freegan philosophy because it’s anthropocentric. It assumes that any food that isn’t eaten by a human being is wasted. But food that is thrown out is eaten by other species. All freegans are doing is stealing food from the mouths of other animals who don’t have the alternative of buying food.

Fluids, mostly. Usually in a liquid state.

Pretty much. Producing and distributing enough food to feed 7 billion people is an insanely complex endeavor, and needs certain margins of error. Think of it this way: if we produced *exactly *what we needed, the moment we had a drought or a teamsters’ strike or any other unexpected event, people would starve. Besides, the only way not to waste food is through central planning, and we know how well THAT works.

Yeah, but my university has two trailed-sized garbage bins behind the cafeteria that get filled every day. Surely there is a better way.

Same answer to every problem: legalize marijuana.

Feed me dinner now!

If the guy expresses an objection to eating food that has been paid for, make arragements with the manager of the restaurant for you to pay in advance, then convince the freegan that you intend to dine’n’dash.

What about decentralized planning?

Urine diluted 7-1 with water, according to Oakes.

The next time you notice the fellow standing at the urinal beside you having a look down your way, don’t worry about him being a sex perv eyeing your wang, for he’s probably just a freegan waiting for you to provide him his beverage once it is diluted in the urinal’s base/ bowl. After all, urine is sterile.

Don’t forget the giant after dinner mint.

So rather than inviting him out for dinner, why not just invite him out to the washroom for drinks?

pick some upscale grocery store district. hit each store for samples.

I would recommend, to the OP, against doing this. It goes against every morale that a Freegan stands for. If you buy him dinner you will be spitting in his eye and kicking him in the nuts, metaphorically.

It would be like asking a Christian if they would like to come over to your house to recreate the crucifixion. Or asking a Muslim if he wanted to come over to your place to draw pictures of Muhammad.

Facebook is free. Electricity and internet access are free at libraries. There are plenty of discarded laptops around capable of running a web browser.

Nothing there is fundamentally unaligned with a “live off the waste and fringe of consumerist society” ethos.

Using waste is one thing; this is outright theft. It’s unethical.

I shouldn’t be surprised at the levels some people will go to rationalize their behavior. But I still am.

As to the original questions, I say invite him to dinner, but only pay for your own. He can scrounge around the restaurant, eat the crackers, find an unbussed table with unused food. You’ll get a good view of the lifestyle! :slight_smile:

And maybe some self-designated Freegans on the Land are intellectually and ethically honest about it.

I’d wager many if not most are the kind of self-serving pissants who would rag about every aspect of living with Mom 'n Dad, including how paltry their allowance was. Anyone who can take the notion from “living off discards” to “steal whatever you want 'cuz, like, it’s all theft, dude” is just a parasite looking for admiration of their noble, self-serving laziness.