Can I start my own Nobel Prize?

Belive me, I’ll be doing Nobel-prize level of falling.

There is also the annual IgNobel prizes, awarded to scientists who carried out research of questionable value. They are awarded a certificate, a round of applause, and a brief appearance on NPR’s Science Friday radio show. One award was given to researchers at the U. of Kansas who laser-mapped some pancakes to see if Kansas is really flat as a pancake. They documented that Kansas is much flatter than any pancake they tested.

I think Dick from the Internet would lend his support to the OP’s idea:

I’m not sure you’d want his “help”, though. :slight_smile:

After the addition of the Memorial Prize in Economics (in 1968), the Board of Directors of the Nobel Foundation decided that they would not allow any further additional prizes. So you can start your own prize, but as Kent_Clark said, the name “Nobel” is trademarked, and the Foundation is sticking with Albert’s original five.