Can newspapers reinvent themselves, or are they doomed to irrelevance?

That is fairly humorous, I am guilty of skimming through the thread as it got larger and I did not even see your mention of Gannett. I have a friend that works for them and he even has an extremely low opinion of them. He has been there since the old family ownership of the Asbury Park Press.
Gannett is a good argument that the quality of Newspapers is sinking downward.
APP was an excellent paper that won awards. Now it is closer to USA Today which is well suited to light fluffy news while you are staying at a hotel.


I leave the USA Today laying in the hallway and wander to the lobby with some quarters to get the local paper.

That’s a different perspective. I think the network news tries to cover too much, making it impossible to give detail and perspective.

Well their sports page is adequate if I can’t get online. Business page is useful for finding out what I should look into in more depth. World News is absolute garbage and national is nearly so.


One problem they have - and it’s a big one - is the pervasive liberal bias in newspapers. The readership is just plain tired of it. Look at the Houston Chronicle for example. It’s the only major newspaper is a city of 4+ million, and their circulation is declining sharply. People are fed up with their liberal BS and are cancelling subscriptions right, left and sideways.