Can someone help me understand this George W Bush Joke..

Ok, numerous times on Jay Leno (maybe Conan o’ Brien) they have these George W Bush jokes, the last one was this video where he was in the white house talking on a cordless phone to some guy in the middle east about the war there and stuff, and he says something that sounds like he wants to stop the fighting, then after a few seconds silence he stands up and says “Can you hear me now?” then walks to the other side of the room “can you hear me now?” etc etc.

I dont get it.
Please help me Straight Dope! lol

It’s a reference to those (somewhat annoying) cell phone company commercials with the guy who walks into all sorts of odd locals checking to make sure whoever’s on the other end can hear him.

Er … locales, even. And he keeps asking, “Can you hear me now?”

Actually, Ferggie, both are the same joke derived from the same source. In the early days of cell phones, service was far more unreliable than it is now (yeah, I know… surprising, isn’t it? :D). The old joke then was that you’d see some guy in a suit, spasming all over the place, leaning this way and that, running, jumping, dodging, ducking, what-have-you, just so he could get his phone in the “sweet spot” for clarity… and the whole time he’d be saying “Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?”

Jack-In-The-Box also did a similar gag once.

Its good that i didn’t get it, because we dont have that ad in Australia.

Usually his George W jokes can be understood by everyone, like one time they played a video of a kid who had his head stuck between 2 planks in a fence and the subtitle “George W. Bush’s childhood home vidoes” or something like that.

I guess that it could also be read as a subtle take on the current situation in the Middle East, mascarading as a cell-phone commercial parody…

Nah - nothing that deep.

Isn’t it just a modern version of the dance you had to do with rabbit ear TV antennae to get a signal.

What’s next Bluetooth?