Canada and the Coronavirus

The things I keep seeing about fully vaccinated people still getting COVID and the possible need for a booster have me staying cautious.

If I were into shiny headgear, I’d almost be willing to swallow that COVID was created in a lab.

The point wasn’t to make us bulletin proof but to be resilient enough to not need medical attention if we catch COVID. Summer is a blessing, assuming we can get more fully dosed people.

Take a look at the UK as it rolls into a new wave - big difference in hospital admissions

Date Covid Cases/million Hospital admissions/million Fully Vaccinated
10-Jan 790 424 1%
4-Jul 387 39 52%
Link COVID-19 Data Explorer - Our World in Data COVID-19 Data Explorer - Our World in Data COVID-19 Data Explorer - Our World in Data

I hate getting inundated with bulletins.

It’s the thumbtacks that hurt the most.

I’m about to make my overdue pilgrimage to see friends and family I’ve not seen in nearly two years.

And I’m already fucking annoyed with the bullshit:

  • PCR test required not a single hour more than 72 hours before arrival (I’m flying).
  • Ensure you have your vaccine card (proof of full vaccination).
  • Register with ArriveCanada providing image of vaccination card.
  • PCR test after arrival for return to the US (same 72 hour caveat).
  • There is something on one of the websites saying all visitors must wear a mask for 14 days while in public. Not sure that’s still required.

I’m asking myself if a 4 day visit is worth the the fucking hassle. Too late of course. The flight is booked.

They’ve (slightly) eased off the rules for travel to the US from the CDC:

Why does the Order specify 3 days rather than 72 hours? What is considered 3 days?

The 3-day period is the 3 days before the flight’s departure. The Order uses a 3-day timeframe instead of 72 hours to provide more flexibility to the traveler. By using a 3-day window, test validity does not depend on the time of the flight or the time of day that the test was administered.

Also they will accept an Antigen test, which is much cheaper. $40 at Shoppers Drug Mart from what I hear.

I just want to hop over the border to restock at Trader Joe’s, which isn’t allowed under the current rules. Even if it was, I would need to get a PCR test in the US before returning followed by a take home test which they give you at the border, and all for a 3 hour trip on US soil.

I assume you’re Canadian, living in the US, and returning to Canada?

The reason these rules are in place is because of the increasing numbers of Covid in many states, the relatively low % immunized population, and the lack of current public health guidelines that are being followed.

All it takes is for ONE person to come and infect a community and we’re off to the races again here.

So this is the reason for the seemingly draconian rules.


And I understand the why of it. I’m still annoyed though.

Fair enough. It sounds like quite the pain in the ass.

You guys had better not have eaten all the poutine. I’ll be PISSED.

(quietly puts the last of the Poutine back on the table)

Deniers gonna deny. Conspiracy theorists gonna conspire. I have cousins and friends and former students spewing the same bullshit. They’re also nice people in other ways but have this huge blind spot where coronavirus is concerned. I try to get them to question their beliefs and they do the same to me. I really don’t know know how you reason intelligently with a cult member, especially when they think YOU’RE the cult member for believing the mainstream media.

I just got an email this morning notifying me that the Letterkenny show I was supposed to go see back in July 2020 has now been rescheduled to March 2022, so that’s a good sign that things are heading back to normal.

I was also supposed to fly back to Texas to visit my family last year, but of course I had to cancel it. Now that the border’s kind of starting to reopen, though, my work permit has expired and is now on “implied status”… which I lose if I cross the border, so I’m still stuck up here. We’ve told our families that we’re going to try to see them around holidays, but the work permit renewal is delayed for who knows how long due to the COVID backlog.

Congratulations Canada!

You’ve officially surpassed the US vaccination rate. And likely to stay there permanently. Slow and steady won the race

US citizens who are fully vaccinated and take a covid test will be allowed into Canada without quarantining starting Aug 9.

Which leads me to some questions:

  • When will the first person be caught using fake proof of vaccination? (My guess, it will be done on Aug 9, but we won’t catch anyone for a week, and that will be only because the forgery will be so very, very obvious.

  • What will the penalty be for presenting falsified vaccination documents? (My guess, if they’re caught at the border - no entry. If they are caught sometime later… nothing)

  • When will the first case of Covid be given to a Canadian through this process? (My guess, within a few weeks, but we won’t be able to prove it.)

5 US states currently have 7 day average Covid rates higher than BC did AT IT’S PEAK of the pandemic in Mid April. Yet now we’re declaring open season - come on up! Bring your tourist money!

Currently, all 50 states have 7 day average Covid rates higher than BC. Many much higher and rising. Washington State’s rate is 10 times higher than BC’s. But hey, close enough, right?

Many states have absolutely abysmal vaccination rates, and I have no faith that anti-vaxxers will be honest.

This is a one-way agreement at the moment - Canadians cannot visit the US.

Huh? I could fly there today if I wanted.

I should have said land border.

In Alberta we’ve hit 75% with the first shot and 60% double-vaxxed. Not too shabby for a bunch of rednecks!

So, how does it work with the Canada border opening August 9, but America staying closed until August 21 (at least)? Will vaccinated Americans who go to Canada be able to drive back into the US, or…?