Can't...stop...watching...interior design shows...damn you, HGTV!

I too am an HGTV addict. That and Food TV. Luckily those two channels are right next to each other, so I can easily flip back and forth.

Thanks, now I will have that in my head all day!

Oh and I always thought it was “squeeedow…”

Well, which one? If it’s a he, it’s got to be one of two or three guys, and they differ wildly in their trustworthiness (not that I trust any of these yahoos all that much; my wife tunes them in, and I’m stuck with it if I want to spend any time with her. I do like the hostess’s accent, though).

Me neither.

Wasn’t there an episode where one woman was so upset by the results, she cried?

I stopped watching Trading Spaces when Vern Yip left. I figure, the show’s just not that good anymore without my favorite designer.

Good news! Vern is getting is own show on NBC. I can’t remember what it’s going to be called, but the idea is for him to finish what the DIYers have started. He’s been on local radio talking about it quite a bit. Last I heard they were auditioning applicants in the Atlanta area. For more info, check out his website,

I’m addicted to all these shows, too. When my son was living with us, we had three addictions: my husband is addicted to WWII stuff and all military shows; my son was hooked on cooking shows; I was all about the decorating.

Well, I went and looked it up; I might’ve known. Not only have they give Laurence Llewelyn-Freakin’-Bowen his own show, but he’s hosting Changing Rooms. That’s right, Carol with the cute Scottish accent is gone. Bastards. (That’s it, I’m hiding the remote).

Yes, it sucks that she’s gone but watching Design Rules you learn more than watching a hundred episodes of the other decorating shows.