Care of one's glasses

sister. I think my vision isn’t QUITE as bad as yours–but it’s still bad enough that if I don’t have my glasses on, I’m asleep, in the shower, or planning on going swimming.

Is it me, or does the anti-reflective coating get dirtier, faster? Seems to pick up fingerprints from just sitting on the nightstand (am I sleep-touching?).

Me? I just use water and a micro-fiber cloth (actually a square cut from an old shirt that was made of micro-fiber). My glasses are at least 5 years old and look pretty good. My cheap sunglasses on the other hand…well let’s say a golf bag is no place for sunglasses.

One of the technologists in my Opthalmalogist’s office told me she doesn’t get the anti-reflective coating because it’s a pain in the ass to clean.

I still get it and have to clean my friggin glasses 3-4 times a day.

Umm… -13 diopters, how you doin’?