Carrying canned beer in checked baggage

Especially since just about anywhere non-Muslim is going to have a decent beer or three at a lot cheaper cost than hauling your favorite micro overseas. Time to give the tastebuds a treat, dude. Drink local.

Well, when I lived abroad I often would ask visitors to bring back beers for me and I’d bring some back from my annual visits to the US. Even within the US, I’ve had people bring me local brews that were not distributed in my area. I’ve never once had a bottle explode on me, but I’ve never tried cans.

I don’t know why anyone is assuming the beer is for the OP. The usual reason to travel with alcohol is for gifts or as a souvenir upon return home.

I used to occasionally bring back samples of foreign beers as souvenirs for my father or brothers. After a few mishaps, I now only bring the empty bottles.

That was my thought too; when I last went to Europe (Belgium & Netherlands), I took a bottle of bourbon (Prichard’s Double Barrel) with me for a Dutch friend that can only get Jack Daniels in his small town.

Non-carbonated beverages aren’t affected by pressure changes the way beer is, so that they are generally safe as long as they are well-packed.

I’ve flown a zillion times with bottled and canned beer in my luggage as well as wine and liquor. I’ve NEVER had a problem at all, whatsoever. Nothing ever broke or exploded. Regardless if it was in soft or hard luggage or how careful I’d packed it.
Except for the next time as this post has jinxed me!:wink:

Interesting. Like pkbites, this has been a common occurrence for me, and for visitors of mine. I have quite literally never experienced a single mishap. I don’t doubt it does happen, but I’m surprised at how lucky I’ve been.

I doubt if it’s to do with the pressure so much as the baggage handling, judging by how cases get thrown about at airports.

Re the pressurisation of the cabin, I have a watch that shows barometric pressure/altitude. At cruising height the pressure is usually around 750mb, IIRC, which equates to ambient pressure at about 8,000ft. (Standard sea level pressure is 1013mb, so we’re talking about 25% less pressure.)

I can tell you my friend upcountry always packs a bottle of Crown Royal when he returns from a visit home to South Carolina. You can’t find that here. He’s never had a problem. He bubble-wraps it pretty good though.

First time I traveled with booze in checked luggage I wrapped them in towels. The TSA folks aren’t real good about returning them wrapped in towels. They just threw them back in the luggage. I now buy PVC pipe and cut to size. Bubble wrap the bottles and place them in the PVC. You can buy end caps for the pipe, or seal them with duct tape. Place a note on the pipe asking the TSA folks to please return them as they found them. This has worked well for me.