Cars that you used to see everywhere, but now have disappeared from the roads, part II

I wonder if it was just a coincidence that one of the sponsored posts in my Facebook feed this morning was a post from about a mint condition 1998 Cherokee.

I wonder how many of those went to Cash for Clunkers?

Astro vans. Haven’t seen one in about a year now. Or those full sized Chevy vans with murals painted on the side.

Cos like a picture she was laying there, moonlight dancing off her hair. She rose up and took me by the hand, we made love in my Chevy van and that’s alright with me.

My parents bought a Rodeo ca. 2000 and then used the Cash for Clunkers program to trade it for a new Nissan Rogue, which they’re still driving.

I haven’t seen a Rodeo or Trooper on the road in years.

Come to think of it, I wonder how much of a role Cash for Clunkers had in the early demise of a lot of 1990s and early 2000s SUVs. Like the aforementioned Jeep Liberty, for example. I know those were still being sold new at the time of the program, but I would assume some early 2000s models got traded in.

ETA: Some other models mentioned in this thread, the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, were the #6 and #3 most common trade-ins according, per a table in Wikipedia.

Back when I had my '95 Escort Wagon, I used to see them everywhere! Similarly, when I had my '97 Aerostar, they were all over the place. I’ll still occasionally see an Aerostar, but I don’t know the last time I saw an Escort, either wagon or sedan.

I saw a 1980s Ford Country Squire full size station wagon a month ago parked in my local shopping center. It was in pretty good shape; they must garage it in the winter because nothing in New Hampshire lasts long without getting rust holes from all the salt they dump on the roads.

The full-size wagons with V8 engines disappeared one minivans and SUVs became popular in the early 90s.

My next door neighbor’s friend has an old Buick Estate Wagon, complete with faux wood grain. I often see it parked in front of their house. Based on the personalized license plate, it’s a '92 (it’s the rounded style GM introduced in the early 1990s). It does definitely feel like a relic from a different time.

The Escort was what I came into this thread to mention! I had a 1987 Escort; it was the first non-used car I owned. Those suckers were ubiquitous throughout the 80s and 90s, but I can’t remember the last time I saw one.

A post on another site made me realize, you hardly ever see Chevy Cobalts anymore. They made them until 2010, so they went away pretty quickly, too. I had one as a rental circa 2008, and it was an improvement over the Cavalier, but that’s about the only nice thing I can say about it.

I’m gonna have to defend Jeep Libertys (Liberties?). I still happily drive my 2007 and consider it the most solid vehicle I’ve ever owned.

I’ve been almost buying a new SUV for the past 5-6 years now, but I always talk myself out of it.


I still spot the occasional Bonneville or G6, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a Grand Prix or a Grand Am, which were ubiquitous in the late 80s and 90s. They were produced until 2008 and 2005 respectively, and there were just so many of them that it’s surprising more haven’t survived for 12 or 15 years.

Come to think of it, maybe not that surprising.

We gave my wife’s 04 Liberty to our niece a couple years ago. It’s still going strong. Helps that it only has maybe 80K miles on it.

It did eat a front transfer case at a young age despite only rarely being used in 4WD mode in snow. Despite being out of warrantee, Chrysler ate about half the repair cost. Otherwise it’s been trouble-free except for the usual consumables. Nowadays niece says it’s developing electrical gremlins. But it still goes & still looks about as nice as it did new.

FWIW, I still see lots of Grand Ams and Grand Prix. Of the latter, mostly the last gen ( 4-door ) but it seems the last of the 2-door models ( early 2000-ish ) period are popular as budget performance coupes…the one with the 3800 engine w/supercharger. Plenty of G6 cars around, in varying states of condition.

Same here – indeed, I owned a Grand Prix up until August of last year: a 4-door 2007 GT. Damn good car, and incredibly comfortable. I still see both them and Grand Ams with some regularity.

As far a Jeep Liberty’s, I know someone who owns one and drives it daily, and I see them on the road regularly as well.

When I first moved to my hippy-dippy college town 20 years ago there were Saabs everywhere. They seem to have been replaced with Subarus. I know they are not making them anymore, but it’s surprising how fast they’ve disappeared.

Somebody in my neighborhood has a Grand Am, so I see that one regularly, but I think that may be the only one I see regularly.

I used to regularly see a G8 GXP on my commute, back before everyone started working from home, but that was a fairly special version with pretty low production numbers, so in other words the kind of car people would purposely save. It did indeed appear to be in pretty much mint condition.

The Fiat 500s, the newer ones manufactured since 2007, about 5-10 years ago there were many on the roads. They were everywhere. But now they’re almost extinct. Now I might see 1 or 2 on a given day. At least here in the SFBA CA.

Used to see a lot of Saturns , they were made until 2010. Have not seen one in years

Let’s not forget the Chevrolet Citation. Chevy’s first front wheel drive intended to compete with Japanese imports. There were scads of them on the road starting in 1980; production continued until 1985. The first year had excellent sales, but every year that followed got worse. Probably the worst car that Chevy ever made. They became rare on the roads very quickly, I think because they were so bad that they were junked.

Yeah, I got one in 1980. It became the last American car that I’ve ever owned, even though I’ve had vans and trucks that were USA made.

I came into the thread to say I’d seen a Chevy Vega the other day. I’d nominate them as Chevy’s worst ever, but agree the Citation deserves mention.

Wasn’t there a Cadillac based on the Citation frame at some point? My memory’s a little hazy on that one.