Cataract Surgery

I’ve been doing this and I’m always disappointed in the “difference”. :confused:


Turns out I’ll be having a cataract removed (one eye) in the very near future.

So I’ve been reading this thread closely. Thanks for all the input.

I won’t be doing the lens thing, though – I’m fine with wearing glasses. Seems scary. And expensive (since my insurance won’t pay for it – I checked).

The lens implant is worth it for me because I have so much trouble with glasses. My eyesight is super bad, I cannot even see the large E at the top of the chart. And my eyes are so sensitive that lenses have to be made just right – just exactly right – or I cannot see. It’s not uncommon for shops to have to remake them multiple times before I can see out of them, and it’s not uncommon for me to have to wait three months before I get a pair I can see with. Some shops have gotten so frustrated with me that they seem to think I’m just lying for whatever purpose.

I spend so much on glasses and contacts that I reckon the $5500 I’m spending out of pocket will pay for itself in just a few years.