Cecil, Almighty God, Where for art thou get thy answers?

A better approach is to start a new thread and provide a link to the prior thread. OK?

The old threads are not locked because it’s time consuming.


What difference does it make that it makes a difference to fed? And yes, you can buy me a subscription to my local paper. That would be the Chicago Tribune. Please e-mail me for my personal information. Will you be paying check, credit card or money order? Thank you. I really appreciate it.

also a pet peeve alert:

  1. neurosis

  2. pedantism

Of course, I’m not saying this but rumour has it that Cecil has a V E R Y large butt from which to pull them out! :smiley:

High Cheese:

Don’t hold your breath for that e-mail.

Federalist started this thread, and Hey Hey Paula posted to it in April of 2000. That’s over four years ago. Neither one of them signed up under the new pay-to-post system – in fact, Federalist’s last post was April 2000, and Paula’s was in 2001. Neither one of them is going to answer your recent comments.

This is why we discourage bringing up old threads. We don’t have the time or staff resources to close old threads, we ask you NOT to drag them up. Point made?

I’m closing this one.