Cecil: The slaughtered lion

Now all he needs to be elected to Congress is for Obama to publicly criticize poaching.

I disagree – it’s more evidence of a pattern of “rules are for other people” special-snowflakery.

Fuck him with a habanero-basted pineapple.

I don’t think it’s that clear cut, and it’s not necessary to consider it in light of actual crimes directly related to this incident. His prior violations show his *mens rea *in this new incident.

Also, thank you Johnny L.A. for straightening me out on the facts.

All I did was post the information after you said you were unaware of a previous conviction. No ‘straightening out’ involved. :wink:

I almost didn’t copy the sexual harassment text, but it was only a couple of sentences and that case did reference his previous poaching conviction. So I did.

I tend to agree. We’ve reached a civilized age in which vigilante justice is no longer meted out by a pitchfork-wielding mob composed of most of the people in the village. These days, it’s just a tiny fraction of the villagers who continue to exhibit that kind of behavior; unfortunately, the village is now composed of several hundred million people.

The internet jerks are going after his daughters’ dance studio as well. Idiots are posting 1 star reviews to her yelp page just to bitch about the lion.

People are assholes when they can be anonymous over the internet and not face any consequences.

In all fairness, looks like there is an equal number of posted ‘reviews’ from people who are not customers but are standing up for the studio saying it isn’t fair to attack/judge her for the sins of the father.

Wow. Unreal.

I wonder if there are legal ramifications against the idiots giving false 1-star reviews.

If not, there should be.

Thankfully because of the defenders her review is back up. When I first noticed it, someone posted it on Imgur, she was at a 1 1/2 star. Now it looks like she’s up to four. Now whether she legitimately deserves a four I do not know.

I doubt there’s anything legally that’ll happen to the jerks but Yelp could definitely step in and do something like locking her account so no one can review her studio until this whole thing blows over.

Or lock out the people who are posting those fake reviews. Is Yelp an anonymous service?

Cecil the Lion’s brother killed

Cecil’s brother Jericho may still be alive. He had tracking device on him that is still moving.

Anyone else notice that ‘Walter Palmer’ is a perfect anagram for ‘Real warm pelt’?

Something’s garbled in the news here. This news article (and apparently others like it) clearly says that Jericho either was or wasn’t shot by another illegal poacher. Hey, what more could we ask? That seems to cover the possibilities.

Maybe the poacher was named Schroedinger. :slight_smile:

If the cat in the box was a lion, that would put a new spin on quantum uncertainty, wouldn’t it? I’m thinking a -1/2 spin, the other half of the physicist being saved for later munchies by the big cat.

I’m stealing that.

Tough guy dentist little bitty pecker guy might, MIGHT have been thinking:
Better kill that lion, why? Kuz I’m a 'murican tough-guy, that’s why.
It isn’t like the lion is used to people, and allowed people to be near it.

That wouldn’t be tough. Or cool.


Dr. Walter James Palmer is going to pay one way or another. Luring the lion out of the park with the meat, then shooting the lion (probably from the vehicle…my guess/not a fact…yet) all the while knowing that the lion had become accustom to safely approaching vehicles…which is how he became famous in the first place, leads him (Dr. Palmer) well short of the “sportsman category” in my book.
This is going to cost him and he has only himself to blame. Stupid move…very stupid.
No sympathy from me…
So he is claiming ignorance saying that the guide was directing the hunt…not buying it…not right now anyway. he was a very experienced hunter, been on Safari before…he let his “Passion” get the best of him.

I don’t ever plan on killing one. But maybe it’s supposed to go like this??
Dunno :dubious:

Oh yea…this might be too much for some…but…not worse than a 60’s Tarzan movie