Cecil's Lousy Call Letter Answer (repost)

The reason may not be strange. For example, KMUW, Wichita, was licensed to the Municipal University of Wichita, now Wichita State University. Alas, the call KWSU had already been scarfed up by the University of Washington, so KMUW is stuck with its obsolete call.

I think there may be another reason they didn’t change their call letters…

Actually, that would be Washington State University (in Pullman; known colloquially as ‘Wazzu’). The University of Washingon (in Seattle) has two radio stations: KUOW and KCMU (that last is from the abbreviation for the Communications department).

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I must add that call letters and call signs are not the same in the USN.

We had a captain that was voted all American while playing football as a half back for Annapolis Naval Academy, but by the time he made full commander and captain of our submarine, fifty years ago that is, way back in 1963.

He was very highly thought of by the older brass. So he picked the call sign, “Big Daddy” for our submarine which just happened to be the best and the largest diesel submarine the USN ever had the USS Salmon SS-573.

As for call letters I must also add that the good people of New England have a different way to pronounce their radio stations. While working as a young radio news boy for a radio station out of Connecticut I will never forget the owner calling me in one day and saying. “young man this radio station is called double U (WSUB”) "not doubya (WSUB). You see I was from the south and had added a southern drawl to my W.

I went on to other endeavors, but I can ever forget being chastened by the owner that day.

if we are dealing with memory lane,

50+ years ago, I was the ‘remote’ director for our college radio station, WVKC, and, as I always said, it was the ‘Wadio Voice of Knox College’.

I was just a farm boy getting my first taste of ‘class’, but I was in good company. The technical manager was a fellow named _________, also a local farm boy, who had a sterling career as a lawyer in Chicago, followed by taking the presidency of Knox College for 10+ years. We were honored to hold part of our recent 50th class reunion in his old farm barn, renovated to handle gatherings.

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