Champlain Towers South in Miami has caved in

This is a complete sidebar question: why are condo towers in Florida named after the founder of Quebec?

According to Wikipedia the developers were Canadian.

Probably named after the lake rather than the person the lake was named for. A familiar name to most people in the northeast US (i.e., customers).

Aha! Blame Canada! add the federal government to the class action!

talking about foreign aid brings international politics into the discussion???

The moderator brought in Politics, not me.

Nothing I said had to do with politics. All of what I said had to do with how the news covers the breaking news story. And mentioning the we give money to Israel is NOT being political as both Political party do it. Maybe the moderators are Jewish and don’t want to allow any discussion that may make Israel look bad? I see nothing wrong with, and don’t threaten me with your " it won’t end well " comment. Go ahead and block me, even better get Israel’s puppet (the US government) to ban me completely from the web like they did to anyone in Iran. Plus if anyone has experience in finding dead kids and grandparents in collapsed building, it would be the Palestinians.

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I don’t know about other condos but this group was built by a developer who left Canada under interesting circumstances. Champlain Towers South Associates, led by the Canadian property developer Nathan Reiber.

“The developers behind the project had included Nathan Reiber, a Polish-born Canadian who was also once charged with tax evasion and cited for legal misconduct in Canada”

I bet the contractors are thankful they were still giving bids. It saved their workers lives and avoided any finger-pointing that their remedial work triggered the collapse.

Especially since the planned repairs we’ve heard about weren’t structural.

The cleanup of the debris from the Twin Towers took about 8 months, not 8 years.

Thank you for the correction. My memory of the event had distorted the length of time.

That info is being released.
This article lists those identified so far and the apt numbers.

Apartments listed are 704, 804, 904, 903, 1002, and 1101. Assuming a logical numbering scheme, sounds like they were close to being right above each other. I wonder if these units were from the part of the building that fell about ten seconds after the center section - possibly in units that were torn open when that first section collapsed? They might have been ejected outwards so that less debris landed on top of them.

I found this layout. I cannot verify it’s accuracy

Eta: it comes from a reddit thread with alot of info. Once again I have not verified any info in that thread!

Parts of Mexico have a lot of experience with this kind of thing, because of earthquakes.

They’re also going to find a lot of pet remains in the rubble, and will need to differentiate those from human remains.

I read a book a while back by a pathologist or anthropologist (can’t remember which) who worked in the coroner’s office, processing specimens. One day, she unzipped a body bag, and started to giggle. Another worker asked her what was so funny, and she replied, “This is a pork chop.” A third worker said, “Last week, the crew lined up and saluted a leg of lamb.”

Their reactions were the only way they could get through a job like that.

So, all on the north-facing tier, from the look of the video the side that ended up on the top-and-“outside” of the collapse. All those 04s would be the ones that in the pictures of the still-standing upper floors are seen with a half a room left open with furniture still in against the back wall so yeah, less likely to be deep in the “pancaking”.

There’s an amazing story coming out about a family who lives in apt 111 (which is surely now at the very bottom of the pile) escaping. Apparently, there was a very loud cracking noise and rumbling from beneath their apt and one of them noticed the pool deck starting to cave in and so they ran. Seems there was a 1 to 2 min delay from when the deck started to collapse to the catastrophic failure of the building. Pretty miraculous!

I don’t think many people understand the significance of energy transfer. When you have a large piece of concrete fall it creates a tremendous amount of energy. Force= mass times velocity. Energy is going somewhere. If it becomes focused on a column then it could shatter it or drive it horizontally. There’s no way for someone to know. It could hit a column or wall like a train hitting a car.

I can easily see a water fractured column blown apart or the remaining concrete slabs driven sideways causing a shift in the buildings.

So we have units 5 through 9 surviving, 1-3 and 9-12 pancaked, and half of the unit 4s sheared off? Unfortunately looks like the bedrooms in unit 4 were on the collapse side…