Champlain Towers South in Miami has caved in


Estelle Hedaya from unit 604

So it sounds like they have one person still missing and one unidentified body but they apparently don’t match. Pretty incredible that they have been able to almost completely account for everyone missing and for the bodies found.

It’s also possible they have body parts that they have not matched up to anyone yet, and the unidentified person is among those parts.

The last victim has just been identified.

What an unbelievable ordeal this has been for the families… :cry: Damn.

I’m glad that at least they were able to account for everybody; so that nobody’s left wondering whether their loved one might have somehow not been there, but for whatever reason hasn’t reported in.

I can totally see someone living alone, lots of debt, runs out to grab some food, and their building collapses. Must be tempting to quietly skedaddle.

Didn’t a couple of people try that after 9/11? Hell, if they were successful we’d still never know.

I know of one person who did that in the wake of the Johnstown Flood. He reappeared decades later. But that was in the days before computer databases and IDs and such. That would be much harder to do now.

Harder, but not impossible. [ETA: especially if somebody escaped down the stairs with their pockets full of cash and/or other easily portable valuables.) And the difficulty might not keep somebody from trying it for a while.

An even less likely, but more unpleasant, possibility: somebody kidnapped that night, whose captor would then have nobody looking for the person.

In any case, I’m glad neither of those scenarious is a possibility.

Here’s a doctor who was officially declared a 9/11 victim after a lot of legal back-and-forth. Maybe she died heroically, rushed to the Twin Towers and was killed in the collapse, or maybe she disappeared in some other way.

There also might have been visitors who died and no one has realized they’re gone yet.

Creepy story. Thanks for sharing!

Possible; but in that case there’d have to be the sizeable coincidence that despite the rescuers having been able to identify remains for all of 92 people, they missed finding exactly the person(s) who haven’t been reported (as there don’t seem to be any results that came up as being an unreported person), while not missing anybody else.

Not an impossible coincidence; but at least unlikely.

Related to this topic, there’s a structural inspector who posts pictures on Imgur. Worth checking out.

Here’s his latest (he posts weekly).

Body cam video from one of the first cops on the scene.

Just coming to post that. Here is the Miami Herald link.

This has prompted examination of other structures in the area.

The 137-unit building at 5050 NW Seventh St. was placed under an evacuation order, according to Miami building director Asael “Ace” Marrero, NBC Miami reported.

“We obviously don’t feel that it’s safe,” he told the news station. “Structural integrity has been degraded by the contractor proceeding with the repairs that they were not authorized to do.”

[City] officials told the [Miami Herald] that the property manager was asked to submit a plan to fix columns in the first floor of its building, but it never received such plans nor did the building apply for a work permit to do repairs.

“We have a lot of elderly owners here that have no place to go,” resident Dmidry Asanov said. “Some have Covid, some can’t walk.”

The city is working with residents to help them with temporary housing, Marrero said.

The building was scheduled to be part of a hearing at a city unsafe structure panel on Aug. 20.

Here’s the latest post by Building Integrity

that goes over the original building plans based on the building codes at the time of construction.

WOW. The deck columns and deck construction were built at 100% standing load capacity. That’s before the incorrect slope for runoff and waterproofing. And there are more deficiencies. The rebar wasn’t to spec for temperature expansion issues.

I’d be worried if the other Champlain buildings were built to the same standards.