Chappelle show back on netflix

Is Dave Chappelle leading the fight to get young entertainers better deals? Is he publicizing the struggles he encountered as a young up-and-comer to help shed light on a corrupt system? Or is he just trying to get paid? Not that there’s anything wrong with trying to get paid, but we shouldn’t confuse the two…

FWIW, he walked away from a 50-million dollar contract (that he’d already signed) for the third season of his show. By all accounts, it was the right decision at the time for his mental health, but he was hardly being screwed from a fiscal standpoint.

No, I’m not saying that. I’m saying someone was profiting off his image with that one show without fairly compensating him. That’s why I emphasized the “alls” and all.

What is all of this - the social media, the SNL hosting - if not him publicizing it?