Charlton Heston - RIP

I have to say I’ve never thought he was all that good of an actor. The wife and I watched *El Cid * some years ago, and we found him embarrassingly bad. Same with Ben-Hur.

Get your hands off him, you damn dirty Death!
Damn. He starred in a bunch of different movies that were key parts of my childhood. As noted above, he may not always have been the best of actors, but he always struck me as a more believalble “Action Guy” than the pumped-up 80s action heroes.

I loved his work.He always seemed to enjoy himself.I got such a kick from those radio beer commercials he did years ago

Ave atque vale, Chuck.

The giants are leaving the stage, one by one.


God bless Mr. Heston. I’m glad he was spared the horribly prolonged decline of President Reagan.

His defense of gun owners’ rights was a continuation of, not a break with, his early championing of civil rights.

At least he’s out of pain now-from alzheimers. He was pretty hot in Planet of the Apes, too. I was surprised to see it. (Yeah, I’m going to hell)

Damn you for you stealing my line.

I wonder if his ghost is thinking, “Get your hands off my corpse, you damned dirty undertakers!”

I thought I was a quick thinker, but I can see the Dopers have taken the good lines that I though of:

  1. About them getting his gun now
  2. Damn Death! Get away from me!

The IQ here must be pretty high…


Oh, my God!


After his interview by Michael Moore in Bowling for Columbine, I immediatly lost all respect I had… for Michael Moore.
Rest In Peace, you Damn Fine Actor.

My very first time on screen (about a second) was in Will Penny an early attempt of his to break out of the blockbuster package he was in. He was a class act. He was totally focused on his craft. He was not one of those that interacted with the crew or bits in the cast a lot, but he didn’t shun them either. He would sign autographs when asked to, but most of the time he worked on his character and the tech aspects of the character.

I remember he was a good rider but tended to ride English and as a saddle tramp he couldn’t really do that so he worked with a number of the stunt men and wranglers to get his riding style more sloppy and in character. For me, a dumb kid who was growing up on a ranch, it was really strange. Here was this larger-than-life monument of a man trying to do something that to me seemed so plain and common and so wrong for him.

Another classy one gone, someone with whom you got that feeling that you were getting the real deal both in character and out of character.

He’s an icon at our house too – Omega Man, Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur, Will Penny, Planet of the Apes – movies we’d watch every time they came on.

But I didn’t think he was sexy hot until I saw him in The War Lord, when he fell in love with Rosemary Forsyth, whose hair was the color of wheat. Or was it honey? Anyway, they spent a week or so in bed, necking, which was all you could do in the 60’s. Hot!

I kid you not - my NetFlix movie for this weekend was “Touch of Evil”. I had just finished watching it - thinking (A) what a great movie, (B) Heston as a Mexican?!?!? and © Wow, he’s about the only surviving cast member, when bingo - I saw the news on

Another one of the Golden Agers gone. His iconic role for me was always Ben Hur.


Let us eat Soylent Green in remembrance of him.

Well, now they can release a brand-new flavour in his honour…

(He was one of the all-time greats, may he rest in peace. :()

As a liberal, I admired him for championing the rights of individuals over The State. I wouldn’t say he was the greatest actor, but he certainly earned his creds.

My mother’s 80th birthday is in a couple days, I had a dream about her birthday last night. It’s a bit eerie because once I gave her Charlton Heston for her birthday.

In my mother’s and Mr. Heston’s younger days my mother was totally in love with him. One year, and this was probably 30 years ago, Mr. Heston was going to be in town for a charity tennis game and there was to be a cocktail party afterwards where guests could meet him and the other players. So, my siblings and I all pitched in to get her tickets for her birthday. We did that mean thing where you wrap the item in a bunch of successive boxes so the recipient had to open several boxes to get their prize. She was getting really frustrated then finally got to the envelope and was so thrilled. She got all gussied up for the cocktail party and got to meet him and shake his hand. She couldn’t stop smiling when she got home. It felt good to be a part of her finally getting to meet her idol.

Eventually she fell out of love with him because of politics but she didn’t regret having met him. I agree he was no Olivier but he made a lot of memorable films and I will think of him fondly for his contribution to films and for making my mother so happy long ago. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a couple years ago and has been in an assisted living center since then, I won’t tell her about Mr. Heston.

I’ve never read a more lovely story. Thanks, Wile E.

Hmmm… Soylent Chuck!

RIP. His life has embiggened us all.