Cheney not in executive branch

I guess I don’t understand the organization of the Executive office but doesn’t the VP report to the President? If so doesn’t that make the VP a member of the executive?

Not necessarily. The Veep is elected, so the President can’t fire him. Of course, the Veep, having no statutory authority over anyone, only has whatever power the President grants him or lets him gather to himself, so the Veep is informally answerable to the President, just as his exercise of power within the Administration is strictly informal.

But if, say, the Secretary of Somethingorother was given mildly conflicting marching orders by both the President and Veep, and the Secretary took the Veep’s guidance as controlling, the President’s only recourse would be to fire the Secretary.

So in a situation where the Veep has clearly been granted a fair amount of power by the President, and seems to have by far the stronger personality of the two, things get, erm, interesting.

Like I said in the current “Will impeachment of GWB become serious consideration?” thread, I think President Cheney would be an improvement over Unaccountable Power Behind The Throne Cheney, simply because Cheney would no longer be able to operate safely in the shadows.

While it wouldn’t be worth a process of many months’ duration to remove Bush in favor of Cheney (simulpeachment, anyone?), I think the country would be better off than it is if, tomorrow morning, Bush announced to the nation that he was resigning the Presidency immediately to be Commissioner of Baseball instead, and Cheney was sworn in as President.

Don’t do that to baseball! Put him in charge of NASCAR instead.

Can’t he? He is not solely part of the executive so he doesn’t have to follow its rules and he’s not solely part of the legislative branch so he doesn’t have to follow its rules.

And who’s going to stop him? GW won’t and Congress can’t because the votes aren’t there in the Senate to convict on an impeachment and throw him out.

More and more we are discovering that the constituion has a lot of holes in it. An executive who is intoxicated with power and with no scruples about following the spirit of checks and balances is immune as long as members of congress consider party loyalty superior to the national interest.

For that point to be meaningful, you need to show why 1st implies executive while 2nd implies something else.

Cheney is vice president.
Speaker is not vice vice president ,but clearly in another position. We can go through all who are on the succession list and discover where they reside on the pie chart. That will not remove Cheney from pie chart showing him in executive office. He is president in charge of vice. (or thinks he is)


According to this, Cheney does not say he is not part of the executive branch but that he is a member of both the executive and legislative branches . . . and, therefore, presidential directives on classified information and reporting requirements do not apply to him.

No, I don’t understand the reasoning either. Seems to me he would be bound by both branches’ rules.

Nor to I understand why Cheney doesn’t want to comply with this particular directive. Does anybody have an idea?

Modesty. If America became fully aware of the sacrifices Cheney has made on our behalf, the outpouring of applause and approval would embarass him.

Except George W. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dan Froomkin does:
The Method to Cheney’s Madness

Perhaps if you were to write a letter asking him this, he’d offer to invite you on his next hunting trip and explain it to you.

“Duck season!”
BrainGlutton season!”
“Duck season!”
BrainGlutton season!”…

Would those sacrifices involve baptized infants, or unbaptized?

There’s two schools of thought there, you know.

Which raises the question: What exactly have Cheney and his aides been doing with classified information?!

A question that we may never live to see answered, of course.

Don’t Joke about that. He hunts, G-d help me, in Stuttgart, Arkansas, “Duck Capital of the World.” :rolleyes:

You mean, besides outing Valerie Plame Wilson? :slight_smile:

Come to think of it, why would Cheney – or Rove – even have access to such information as the identities of covert CIA agents?!

And this just in, from the Dept. of Jaw Dropping Chutzpah

Bush claims oversight exemption too

Offered without needless comment.