Cherry Season Poll: what's your favorite cherry?

The one I get to pop.

Cherry Poptart.

My favorites are picotas, which are very dark and hold up well without the “tail” so you can recognize them because they’re shipped tail-less, or pintas, a variety that’s peculiar to Milagro (Navarre). I tend to look at the origin rather than the variety’s name: Jerte Valley (Cáceres) has a national reputation as* the* cherry place, but both Milagro and La Almunia de Doña Godina (Saragossa) grow very good ones IMO. La Almunia grows 80 different cultivars, I didn’t even know there were so many.

I voted “Other” - Black Tartarian, although I’m also partial to the blushed yellow Emperor Francis. I quite like Bing, but it’s not my favourite.

Red ones is about all I know. And black ones rarely. Whatever find their way into my fingers basically.

The ones my mom just harvested five gallons of from a tree in a vacant lot. No idea what kind they are, but they’re amazing.

I’ve only ever had Bing and Rainer. I had no idea there were so many varieties. But of those two, I prefer the Rainer. They’re so pretty.

Resurrected for the 2014 cherry season.

And I have about four pounds in the refrigerator right now. Mostly Rainier, some Bing. The stupid birds ate all the sour cherries off my trees before they were even ripe.

Rainier for me. Between the Rainiers and wild Alaskan salmon becoming available around the same time every year, I spend about a month making myself sick of both of them. Then do it all again next year.

Victoria cherries, because that is the tree that is in the back yard.

I voted *Other *because it’s not summer here and I don’t like cherries anyway.

This. My wife says she’s pretty sure they’re Bing.

Her favorite cherry is the Montmorency, because she makes pies out of them. We have a (small) cherry tree in our backyard, that’s good for a couple pies a season.